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Map of the 1858 Atlantic Cable route Show image information
Dirk Night with Armani Cotton Show image information
Transatlantikdampfer "Berengaria" (1920); Route: Liverpool-New York-Liverpool. Show image information
Erstsemesterbrownies, April 2018 Show image information
guest talk by Gary Younge, June 12, 2018 © Madita Oeming Show image information

Map of the 1858 Atlantic Cable route

Photo: Von Unbekannt - Howe's Adventures & Achievements of Americans; en:Image:Atlantic_cable_Map.jpg, Gemeinfrei,

Dirk Night with Armani Cotton

Photo: Miriam Jassmeier

Transatlantikdampfer "Berengaria" (1920); Route: Liverpool-New York-Liverpool.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Erstsemesterbrownies, April 2018

Photo: Madita Oeming

guest talk by Gary Younge, June 12, 2018 © Madita Oeming

Welcome to the Department of English and American Studies at the University of Paderborn

Our department is committed to a broad perspective on language, literature, and culture in the English-speaking world. We offer degree programs for future teachers (GyGe, GHRGE/BK, Grundschule), a BA and MA program in English and American Literature and Culture, a BA and MA program in Linguistics, and a Ph.D. program open to a wide range of dissertation projects. 30 faculty members bring innovative approaches and international experience to their teaching and research. Guest lecturers from the English-speaking world and various opportunities to study abroad complement our program, building bridges from Paderborn to the UK, the US, Ireland, Canada, India, and Australia.


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Universität Paderborn
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Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik
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D- 33098 Paderborn

Prof. Dr. Christoph Ribbat

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Prof. Dr. Christian Langstrof

Charlotte Hahn

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Dr. Markus Wierschem

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