Transnational spaces and gender


International Conference

funded by the DFG, German Research Foundation

University of Paderborn, Germany

April 04 – 05, 2013


Political, social and economic relations extend beyond national and local boundaries and constitute transnational spaces. Transnational spatial relationships constitute an essential structure of reference for the formation of social relations and the social positioning of actors. Within these spaces, new social orders emerge that retroact at the national and local level. Facing those changes, Ilse Lenz points out that gender orders that until now were considered to be “normal”, right and just are in motion and have to be re-surveyed both politically and scientifically.

The aim of this internationally orientated conference is to examine the various interdependences of transnationalisation processes and gender at the political, social and economic macro, meso and micro levels. In doing so, the conference moves beyond previous research approaches and examines the implications of social transformation processes not only for the field of principles, norms, institutions, practices and symbolic representations but also for the research areas of work and organisation, where the gendered division of work, relations of dependency and social and symbolic processes of exchange are questioned. The transnational perspective that is increasingly expanding into gender research additionally demands theoretical, methodological and methodical reflexions. The interactions between transnational networking and (trans)local gender arrangements need to be explored from an intersectional perspective, i.e. concerning their interconnection with other categories and inequalities, such as ethnicity, class and sexual orientation.

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