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Map of the 1858 Atlantic Cable route Bildinformationen anzeigen
 guest talk by Gary Younge, June 12, 2018 © Adelheid Rutenburges Bildinformationen anzeigen
Dirk Night with Armani Cotton Bildinformationen anzeigen
Transatlantikdampfer "Berengaria" (1920); Route: Liverpool-New York-Liverpool. Bildinformationen anzeigen
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guest talk by Gary Younge, June 12, 2018 © Madita Oeming Bildinformationen anzeigen

Map of the 1858 Atlantic Cable route

Foto: Von Unbekannt - Howe's Adventures & Achievements of Americans; en:Image:Atlantic_cable_Map.jpg, Gemeinfrei,

guest talk by Gary Younge, June 12, 2018 © Adelheid Rutenburges

Dirk Night with Armani Cotton

Foto: Miriam Jassmeier

Transatlantikdampfer "Berengaria" (1920); Route: Liverpool-New York-Liverpool.

Foto: Wikimedia Commons

Erstsemesterbrownies, April 2018

Foto: Madita Oeming

guest talk by Gary Younge, June 12, 2018 © Madita Oeming


German-American Leadership Conferences (GALC)

Demorest, Georgia and Paderborn, Germany

7 – 17 March 2020 and 25 September – 9 October 2020



In view of the recent changes in political and economic relations between the US and Germany, the German-American Leadership Conferences will allow 20 undergraduate student leaders from Piedmont College and the University of Paderborn to make new contacts and establish new, life-long relationships.

Taking place on both sides of the Atlantic, this programme is designed to give 10 students from Germany and 10 students from the US the opportunity to share and develop their leadership skills in a series of workshop-style conference sessions.

Building on the conviction that mutual understanding has to start as early as possible and that it takes a continued effort from both sides, these conferences will facilitate important cross-cultural dialogue and bridge many gaps between businesses, scholars, and student leaders. By working together, we will be able to create life-long friendships and improve cultural understanding between the two sets of student leaders.

Together, we will socialise, explore our respective cultures, and debate the various similarities and differences between our two cultures. When in and around Paderborn, Germany, we will immerse ourselves in Westphalian culture and the European perspective. In the US, we intend to engage with the American South, the American way of life and the diversity of the country when in and around Demorest. 

In March 2020, the two groups will first meet in Paderborn. Excursions in the region of East-Westphalia and Lower Saxony, visits to Duesseldorf and Cologne as well as meetings with politicians and entrepreneurs will complement the conference sessions at the university.

Our conference sessions will allow us to discuss such pressing issues as


the environment

future mobility

personal and collective responsibility

the transatlantic relationship.

In September 2020, the second round of conferences will take us to the US-state of Georgia. The workshops and conferences there will be accompanied by day excursions to Atlanta and other destinations in Georgia. A 3-day stop-over in New York will give us the opportunity to visit important international institutions such as the UN.


The programme is open to interested students from all faculties and all fields of study.

You are an engaged student who is curious about other people, other countries and the world we live in. You take an active interest in culture, politics, economics and the pressing issues of our time. You would like to expand your horizon and develop your leadership skills.

If you want to sign up for the programme, you must commit yourself to being available in March 2020 for the kick-off in Germany at UPB (University of Paderborn) and in September/October 2020 for the continuation of our conferences in the US at PC (Piedmont College).


How much will it cost?

The conferences are generously supported by The Halle Foundation, Atlanta, who will provide funding to cover the cost of the flights, ground transport and accommodation. The cost for individual participants is therefore restricted to a maximum €750 for the full programme. Applications for additional funding are pending. 


How to apply

It’s easy: just write a short abstract stating why you should be part of these conferences and hand this in together with your CV before November 22. For further information, contact Prof. Christoph Ehland. Applications should be sent to Prof. Christoph Ehland (

Die Universität der Informationsgesellschaft