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Gipsstation Bildhauereiwerkstatt Show image information
Form- und Abformstation Bildhauereiwerkstatt Show image information
Werkbank Holzwerkstatt Show image information
Bildhauereiwerkstatt Show image information
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Gipsstation Bildhauereiwerkstatt

Photo: Svenja Langer

Form- und Abformstation Bildhauereiwerkstatt

Photo: Svenja Langer

Werkbank Holzwerkstatt

Photo: Svenja Langer


Photo: Svenja Langer

Drehscheibe Tonwerkstatt

Photo: Svenja Langer


Photo: Svenja Langer


Photo: Svenja Langer

Artistic studio

In sculpture in particular, there are many artistic processes that take time and only lead to exciting results through intensive examination over a longer period of time.

For the conceptual development of one's own artistic projects, it is also helpful to know materials and processes, and to bring an idea of implementation possibilities, e.g. to a sculpture seminar.

Tutorials on sculptural techniques are offered to accompany the practical art seminars as well as in the special format "Künstlerische Werkstatt" (which can be taken in Paul as an event in Aufbaumodul I), in which the handling of the various materials, tools and machines is taught.

The new lecture format "Artistic Workshop" offers the possibility to try out more elaborate sculptural procedures over a period of e.g. 2-3 semesters in the advanced module I of the courses GY/GE and BK (workload 180 h).
14 time units (ZE) are to be completed in total and should consist of several short tutorials during the lecture period and one more extensive tutorial during the non-lecture period.

Short tutorials (90 minutes= 1 ZE) during the lecture period (start April 12, 2021):
Mo 14-16 Uhr (In this time slot, Mr. Knogl offers tutorials every semester on versch. Topics to give planning security).
- Volume build-up with plaster
- ceramic techniques
- simple molding technique
- various other processes

The offer is supplemented by alternating offers on Tuesdays and possibly Wednesdays/Thursdays, which can be taken optionally.
Participation in these short tutorials is to be followed by independent further work with the acquired technique within the framework of the free workshop times (150 h self-study comprises the "Artistic Workshop" in total).

More extensive tutorials lasting several days during the lecture-free period, which are also booked accordingly with more hours (4-8 ZE).

- Stone - and wood sculpting
- Silocone molding únd more complex casting processes

Planned dates (provided that the corona situation allows the event)
Mon. 6.9. + Tue. 7.9. + Mon. 13.9. both from 11-16 hrs:
Stone and wood sculpting (Alfons Knogl)


Registration for individual tutorials is through PANDA and is binding.
Please wear work clothes.
Please arrive on time.

Responsible: Prof. Dr. Karina Pauls, Alfons Knogl

Tutorial-Rout sheet

Contact details of the 'Art and its Didactics (Sculpture)' team


Overview of student work from the practical art seminars


Overview of the studios


Digital exhibition from the Department of Sculpture in the academic years 2020/21.


FAQ on artistic-practical BA/MA theses


Overview of the seminars offered in current and past semesters



Prof. Dr. Karina Pauls

Kunst und ihre Didaktik (Bildhauerei)

Karina Pauls
+49 5251 60-2979

Office hours:

Mittwochs, 10-11 Uhr.
Die Sprechstunde findet digital statt. Bitte im Vorfeld per E-Mail anmelden.


Office hours:

in Elternzeit

Technical Assistant
+49 5251 60-2982

Office hours:

Di - Fr: 9-12 Uhr & 13-16 Uhr

Urlaub in der KW 21.

Artistic-technical Assistant

Alfons Knogl

Kunst und ihre Didaktik (Bildhauerei)

Künstlerisch-handwerklicher Mitarbeiter

Alfons Knogl
+49 5251 60-3224

Office hours:

nach Vereinbarung per Mail

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