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Dr. Aaron Wells

Dr. Aaron Wells

Institut für Humanwissenschaften > Philosophie > Praktische Philosophie

Research Associate

Research Papers in Journals

“Science and the Principle of Sufficient Reason: Du Châtelet contra Wolff,” HOPOS: The Journal of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science 13 (1): 24–53 (2023)

“Du Châtelet’s Libertarianism,” History of Philosophy Quarterly 38 (3): 219–241 (2022)

“Incompatibilism and the Principle of Sufficient Reason in Kant’s Nova Dilucidatio,” Journal of Modern Philosophy (2022)

“Du Châtelet on Sufficient Reason and Empirical Explanation,” The Southern Journal of Philosophy (2021)

“Du Châtelet on the Need for Mathematics in Physics,” Philosophy of Science (2021)

“The Priority of Natural Laws in Kant’s Early Philosophy,” Res Philosophica (2021)

“Kant, Linnaeus, and the Economy of Nature,” Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences (2020)

“Spontaneity and Matter: From Kant to Fichte,” Revista de Estud(i)os sobre Fichte (2018)

Papers in Edited Volumes

“Du Châtelet’s Philosophy of Mathematics,” in The Bloomsbury Companion to Du Châtelet, edited by Fatema Amijee (forthcoming)

“‘In Nature as in Geometry’: Du Châtelet and the Post-Newtonian Debate on the Physical Significance of Mathematical Objects,” in Between Leibniz, Newton, and Kant, Second Edition, edited by Wolfgang Lefèvre (Springer: Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science) (forthcoming)

Edited volumes

(With Ruth Hagengruber) Du Châtelet and Kant: Copernican Turns. Springer (in preparation).       

Book Reviews

Review of Jörg Noller and John Walsh (eds. and trs.), Kant’s Early Critics on Freedom of the Will (Cambridge), Kantian Review (2022)

Review of Ian Proops, The Fiery Test of Critique (Oxford University Press). The Philosophical Quarterly (2021)

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