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In our research lab, we conduct experiments on perception and attention with human participants.

The experiments are PC-based. Participants for instance judge the temporal order or other perceptual features of simple visual stimuli. We pay them 8 €/hour for participation.

Unfortunatel, paid participation is currently not possible!

You find the lab in room H4.238. During opening hours, you will usually find a researcher or student assistant there. They are happy to answer your questions.

The PsyLab is also on radio broadcast (in German only). Here, PhD student Jan Tünnermann is interviewed by Martin Ott and Dean Ruddock, and here you will find a report by student participant Katharina Bette.

Further information


You can participate if you have basic German or English skills and have normal or corrected-to-normal visual acuity and no color vision deficits. Please bring your glasses or contact lenses if necessary. Persons with neurological diseases or on medication with psychiatric drugs cannot participate.


How long are the experiments?
Variable, usually between 15 and 60 minutes. Some consist of several sessions.

How can I register?
There is a list outside H4.238 on which you can register. You can also contact one of the researchers or student assistants.

Can I participate repeatedly?
Yes, we are happy if you do (although not in the same experiment).

How many experiments are there?
Depending on our research, there will be new experiments regularly. Please check with the researchers or student assistants. We may also notify you via e-mail when a new experiment starts.

What’s it that you study with the experiments?
We are interested in human information processing, especially perception and attention. Our topic are general features of information processing, and we never analyse individual features or features which permit inferences concerning your personality. 

Current experiments (as at 30.01.2017)

ExperimentApprox. durationSuitable for people
having color vision
ak-phasic-alertness30-45 minyes  

ak-great-expectation30-45 min yes 

ak-TunnelWithHoles45 minno

ak-...-loc-v4-col70 minno 

The time specified above refers to the duration of the experiments without breaks. Please schedule more time if you plan to make breaks.

Please register your name not later than 24 hours before the desired appointment. Otherwise we cannot guarantee the appointment. 

Opening hours
Tue9:25-11:55 und 13:10-16:55



Prof. Dr. Ingrid Scharlau
Phone: 05251 - 60 3605

Mail to the lab assistants: psylab[at]


The University for the Information Society