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Research activities

Educational psychology deals with the psychological aspects of teaching and learning processes, always looking for answers to the questions: How do people learn? How can people be supported in their learning? Educational-psychological assessment helps to determine and assess the learning requirements, learning processes, and learning results. If applicable to the assessment, (adequate) prevention or intervention measures then needed to be implemented.

The research activities in our research group focus on applied research in the field of teaching and learning at schools and universities.

The main research topics comprise:

In all three fields of research, we work on assessment, intervention, and evaluation from an educational-psychological perspective.

Our current projects and research collaborations involve:

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Game- und elearningbasierte, problemorientierte und selbstgesteuerte Lernumgebung

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Heterogenität als Chance

Teil-Projekt zur Entwicklung eines professionsförderlichen Lehrangebot im bildungswissenschaftlichen Studium

The University for the Information Society