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Research activities

Our research activities focus on applied research in the field of personal development and learning at schools and universities. In all fields of research, we work on assessment, intervention, and evaluation from an educational-psychological perspective.

The main content areas are:

Self-management: In our work, self-management encompasses all those strategies and activities that people use to pursue their goals and turn intentions into action. A particular focus is on motivation and volition in challenging situations (e.g., studying for an exam, writing a term paper, self-care in a crisis).

Personality and self-development through consulting, coaching and training: Our work in this field aims to show how teachers can support their learners in their personal development, beyond performance and achievement motivation. In doing so, we deal with teachers at schools as well as with teachers at universities. In this field, evidence-based programs emerge to promote the professional competencies of these educational agents on the one hand and to foster the self-development of adolescents and young adults on the other.

Logo der Beratungsstelle gegen Prokrastination an der Universität Paderborn

Beratungsstelle gegen Prokrastination der Universität Paderborn

Screenshot aus dem Programm GEProS

Game- und elearningbasierte, problemorientierte und selbstgesteuerte Lernumgebung

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