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Graduate Week 2023

The Graduate Week (GW) will take place from 30.05. to 01.06.2023 in a hybrid format. It will include the graduate conference, where graduates of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities give presentations revolving around the GW’s topic Transdisciplinary Spaces in Cultural Studies. The Graduate Week will also feature pitch project presentations. Furthermore, networking opportunities, a workshop on intercultural competencies as well as a workshop on effective strategies against procrastination, and the Market of Opportunities are in the works. We were able to win Prof. Dr. Volker Peckhaus as speaker for the evening lecture.

Details on the two workshops:

The workshop "That's so German! - Is it, though? Approaching Cultural Contact Situations Differently" by Ricardo Römhild on May 30, 2023 from 2-4pm, which will be held in English. This workshop invites participants to think about culture as a dynamic, fluid result of everyday practices and to approach cultural contact situations accordingly. This includes reflecting on their own existing assumptions and experiences in the face of the dynamic realities of identity formation that take place every day in the university context. This way, participants are encouraged to view people as individuals, not as categories. The workshop provides space to engage with different concepts of culture and their real-life implications. A range of activities serves as entry points to discuss the role of a focus on similarities and how to deal with difference. This includes a type of critical incidents activity, in which various situations known form everyday university contexts are being played out and discussed against the background of different concepts of culture and their effects on the situations. 

The workshop “Effective Strategies Against Procrastination” by Prof. Dr. Katrin Klingsieck on 01.06.2023 from 10-11:30 am. This workshop will be held in German. The workshop presents five selected strategies from the two-day workshop for PhD students offered yearly by ProLernen. Participants will learn how to uncover their own habits of procrastination, how to plan realistically, how to allocate and use time slots for their dissertation, how to set up their workspace, and how to motivate themselves. Like all of ProLernen's courses, these strategies are based on current findings from psychological procrastination research as well as proven approaches from systemic and resource-oriented consulting and coaching practice.

Schedule and Registration Form

Find the schedule and the registration form (only available in German) for the Graduate Week 2023.

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