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Graduiertenförderung KW - Woche des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses Show image information

Graduiertenförderung KW - Woche des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses

Week for Junior Academics 2021

In 2021 the Postgraduate and Doctoral Student Support organized the first (digital) Week for Junior Academics (Woche des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses) at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. It entailed a graduate conference of the Graduate Forum (GFKW), during which PhD candidates and postdocs of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities gave presentations, as well as information offers, networking rounds, workshops, and keynote lectures. The different events of the Week for Junior Academics were tied together by presentations and discussions about research on the topic of knowledge transfer.

Approximately 100 participants explored the concept of knowledge transfer in various formats. They critically discussed the science system and received insights into current research projects in form of eleven presentations by doctoral candidates and postdocs. These research projects showcased the heterogeneity of the research based within the faculty: Apps, teaching methodological aspects and positions, literary texts or works of art were presented as forms of knowledge transfer.

The keynote and evening lectures introduced projects from the faculty that encouraged further thoughts on the topic of knowledge communication as a task for academics. The opening lecture held by Prof. Dr. René Fahr highlighted the topic of knowledge transfer as a duty of the entire university. The keynote lecture by Dr. Anh-Mai Boger took a critical look at the concept of knowledge transfer and questioned the challenges of communicating academic work to a non-university audience. During the evening lecture, the association Erste Generation Promotion (EGP) (only available in German) examined the overall system of higher education as a place of hurdles for students and doctoral candidates from non-academic backgrounds. Dr. Anjana Buckow from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) gave a presentation on the various funding opportunities for postdocs and advanced postdocs on their way to professorships. She also identified the topic of knowledge communication as a newly defined interdisciplinary task of the DFG and emphasized the relevance of public relations for research projects. 

Encouragement and helpful tips were also conveyed in the two workshops that took place as part of the Week for Junior Academics: While Prof. Dr. Katrin Klingsieck from the ProLernen center (only partly available in English) at Paderborn University (UPB) provided assistance on efficient time management with regard to qualification projects, Dr. Andrea Karsten from the writing center Kompetenzzentrum Schreiben (also based at UPB) gave insights into individual writing strategies and provided writing impulses.

Numerous parties from the field of Postgraduate and Doctoral Student Support presented their offers for graduates in the Markt der Möglichkeiten (market of opportunities) (only available in German) and were available to answer individual questions.

The results of the first Week for Junior Academics are to be published. Further information will be available here.

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