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Informal Knowledge about the Higher Education System

The event Informal Knowledge about the Higher Education System takes place once a semester and intends to give all graduates the opportunity to ask the invited experts questions about interdisciplinary topics such as career planning, informal codes, networking, etc. The experts speak about their individual career paths and shed light on the diversity of the higher education system from different perspectives.

The event discusses questions like:

  • After completing a doctorate, what career paths are available in subjects of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities?
  • Which criteria are important in current appointment procedures?
  • How can I network (better)?
  • How important are stays abroad during the qualification phases?
  • How many and what kind of publications do I need to have during the doctoral and postdoctoral phases?
  • Is there anything you would have liked to know earlier?

Target audience: prospective doctoral candidates, PhD candidates, postdocs, junior professors

Current dates:

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