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At the start of a PhD degree

How can I find a supervisor for my PhD thesis and process?

There are different ways to find a supervisor. Sometimes professors will talk to you directly, but you can contact them just as well. Supervision should always be arranged according to topic, so that the topic of the dissertation and the research focus of the supervisor match.


Which financing options are available or possible?

There are many possibilities for financial aid – these range from employment to scholarships. Since the offers are far and wide: come and talk to us during our office hours!


Does the Nachteilsausgleich (disadvantage compensation) that students can apply for also include enrolled doctoral students?

Yes. You can find information about the compensation options here (website only available in German).


What does it mean “to be a PhD student with restrictions” (unter Auflagen studieren)?

You have to submit proof that you accomplished additional requirements (credit points) regarding the subject you are completing your PhD in.

For example: If you are a PhD student in Educational Science but completed your BA and MA degree in a different subject, you may have to acquire additional credit points as a requirement before completing your PhD.

You need to hand in proof of completion of these credit points to your supervisor, who will send an informal confirmation to the Promotionsausschuss (PhD board) that all required achievements have been fulfilled. Alternatively, you can use this form (form only available in German).


Do I have to be enrolled as a PhD student at UPB?

You need to be enrolled as a PhD student in order to enter the final phase of your PhD process (Promotionsverfahren).

Further information about formalities.


What does the 1-2 pg. PhD synopsis (Exposé) have to include?
  • Your research question(s);
  • Current state of research reg. the research tradition(s);
  • Contribution to the field(s) of research;
  • Research methodology;
  • Bibliography.

The writing center Kompetenzzentrum Schreiben offers a workshop for the preparation of exposés. Further information can be found here (website only available in German).

Contact the writing center Kompetenzzentrum Schreiben for writing consultations.


Doctoral studies

Do I have to be enrolled as a PhD student at UPB?

You need to be enrolled as a PhD student in order to enter the final phase of your PhD process (Promotionsverfahren).

Further information about formalities.


What are the benefits of being enrolled as a PhD student?

You receive

  • the Semesterticket, which is the public transit ticket (semester-long validity) for students to travel in North Rhine-Westphalia free of charge (please be mindful of certain restrictions that apply);
  • the local student ID that allows you to receive many discounts throughout the university (e.g. on meals at the Mensa or Cafeteria) as well as the city (e.g. at movie theaters, bakeries, etc.);
  • the local library card (Bibliotheksausweis; currently only available in German) that you can use to borrow books at the university library.
  • In addition, you can plan a stay abroad at one of our partner universities, if they offer so called 3rd cycle mobility for PhD students. Further information on partner universities.

You are also eligible to receive a discounted student rate that many health insurance companies offer (depending on the health insurance company this may not apply for scholarship holders).

Is there a registration period or deadline to enroll as a PhD student?

You can always hand in your documents and apply to become a PhD student at UPB. There are no periods or deadlines! Please allow approximately two weeks processing time.


What do I have to do to enroll as a PhD student?

You need to apply only via PAUL (our course management system).

If you are an international student/candidate without a German passport or if you have received your university entrance qualification or university degrees outside of Germany, you have to contact the International Office.

Steps to follow the above-mentioned procedures, if you are a graduate student or just graduated with an M.A. (or equivalent) degree at/from UPB:

  • Apply to the PhD board to be accepted as a PhD student (see “Phase I” of formalities);
  • Hand in:
    • (1) conformation of said application,
    • (2) copy of your university degree(s)
    • (3) application to switch your enrollment status from student to PhD student.

Steps to follow the above-mentioned procedures, if you are not enrolled as a student at UPB:

  • Apply to the PhD board to be accepted as a PhD student (see “Phase I” of formalities);
  • Hand in:
    • (1) Copy of ID card,
    • (2) proof of health insurance or certificate of exemption (if you are insured through private health insurance (Private Krankenversicherung); see  Studierendenkrankenversicherungs-Meldeverordnung (only available in German))
    • (3) officially certified/attested copy of your university degree(s),
    • (4) certificate of de-registration from last university attended.

See further information to enroll as a PhD student.


How am I insured as a scholarship holder?

As a scholarship holder, you are generally required to take out insurance yourself. Some health insurance companies still classify scholarship holders as students, while other health insurance companies consider scholarship holders to be employees. 


How long can I be employed at university while I am completing my PhD, if I receive a scholarship?

The 6-year-rule does not necessarily apply to scholarship holders, because they usually are only allowed to work a maximum amount of 10 hours per week and therefore less than 25 percent. If a scholarship holder is allowed to work more than the aforementioned 25 percent, the 6-year-rule applies to them as well. Please always refer to your individual scholarship regulations in order to confirm which rules apply to your case.

However, if one obtains further qualifications after completing the doctorate, then the years "saved" in the first qualification phase (which resulted from the form of employment outlined above) are not added to the new six years.

Employment during the doctoral phase

Where can I find job offers (not exclusively) for PhD students?
How long can I be employed at university while I am completing my PhD?

In general:

In accordance with the WissZeitVG (German law on fixed-term contracts in academia) (only available in German), no PhD student employed at a German university may be under short-term contract for longer than 6 years.



Are there any design guidelines for dissertations?

The Promotionsausschuss (PhD board) does not prescribe any guidelines for the design of dissertations. Please refer to the guidelines of your subject and contact your supervisor if you have any questions.


In which languages can dissertations/PhD theses at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities be written?

The dissertation/PhD theses can also be written in English, French or Spanish without a special application. Dissertations written in English no longer need to be accompanied by German abstracts.


Are there workstations or study rooms exclusively for PhD students at UPB?

It is possible to apply for a personal study room at UPB library (Universitätsbibliothek; currently only available in German). There are eleven individual study rooms available that can be applied for through the UPB library’s application form (currently only available in German).


Who is part of the PhD-committee?

The PhD-committee usually consists of four members: the two supervisors, the chairperson and one other member. Only professors (in accordance with § 11 Para. 1 No. 1 HG), außerplanmäßige Professor*innen (adjunct professors), private lecturers (PDs), honorary professors, postdoctoral lecturers and at most one research assistant holding a doctorate degree may be members of the PhD-committee. The chairperson must not be a supervisor at the same time.


At what point can the official doctoral title ( Phil.) be officially used?

According to § 21 of the Promotionsordnung, the doctoral title may be used after the dean has issued the certificate. The prerequisite for the award of the certificate is the submission of a publishing contract with a minimum print run of 150 copies or electronic publication via the university library (see § 20 of the doctoral regulations).

Publication of the dissertation

How can I publish my dissertation?

You can publish your dissertation online via the university library and/or with an academic publisher.


Can I publish my dissertation first with the university library and subsequently with another publisher?

Yes, this is possible. It is possible to then publish it in another online format as well as with a publishing house.


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