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On the central pages for junior academics at Paderborn University you will find, among other things, information on funding opportunities. Below we have compiled some information that is particularly relevant for postdocs within the academic fields of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.


Funding opportunities

Postdoc grant by the Committee for Research and Junior Academics

The Committee for Research and Junior Academics awards postdoc grants for junior academics (start-up financing and a degree completion grant). The calls for tenders of each application round are made public via the Faculty of Arts and Humanities email distribution list, posters on campus, and via our newsletter.


Support for female junior professors (Juniorprofessorinnen) and postdocs through 0.5 academic staff positions

To support female junior professors and postdocs at Paderborn University in their research work, the Executive Board has set up a pool of academic staff positions within the framework of its Equal Opportunities Concept.

Specific funding and awards for postdocs

Information on specific funding and awards for junior academics

Research Reserve and Committee

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities receives an annual Research Fund (Forschungsreserve), which is used in particular to provide financial support for research projects (small projects, starting aid) and travel expenses of scientific staff members, as well as to promote scholarships.


Funding opportunities for stays abroad

Further information regarding funding opportunities for stays abroad.


Subject-/academic field-specific funding advice

Further subject-specific funding advice will follow and will be presented here in the future.

DFG Förderprogramme für Postdocs

DFG Förderungen

Die DFG unterstützt Förderungen und Forschungskooperationen für Promovierte. Aktualisierte Informationen zu den Anträgen und Fördermöglichkeiten der DFG finden Sie hier.

Eigener Antrag:

Frühe Postdoc-Phase:

Walter Benjamin-Programm

Sachbeihilfe inklusive eigener Stelle als Projektleitung

Förderdauer: 2 Jahre
Stelle in Deutschland: E13
Stelle im Ausland: 1750 Euro
Verlängerung um 12 Monate möglich

Informationen zum Walter Benjamin-Programm finden Sie hier.

Fortgeschrittene Postdoc-Phase:

Emmy Noether-Programm

Sachbeihilfe inklusive eigener Stelle als Projektleitung

Förderdauer: 6 Jahre
Stelle: E15

Informationen zum Emmy Noether-Programm finden Sie hier.

Berufbarkeit und im Übergang zur Professur:


Projektförderung (nur innerhalb der Berufbarkeit):
Sachbeihilfe inklusive eigener Stelle als Projektleitung

Heisenberg-Stipendium: 4.450 Euro
Förderdauer: max. 5 Jahr
Stelle: E15/W2 oder W3 Professur Tenure Track

Informationen zum Heisenberg-Programm finden Sie hier.


Von früher Postdoc-Phase bis Berufbarkeit:

Offene Stellen: Postdoc-Stelle (Mitarbeit in DFG-Projekt oder -Verbund)

Förderdauer: abhängig von Projektlaufzeit
Stelle: E13 bis E14
Bewerbung: direkt bei der Projektleitung

Event calendar

Postgraduate and Doctoral Student Support event calendar (only available in German).
User notes (only available in German).



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Postgraduate and doctoral student support

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities is preparing the launch of a Graduate Center, which will be directed by an elected board. A project group is coordinating these preparations.

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