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Checklist & information for before and after entry

Information regarding doctoral studies at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Obtain information about the possibility of completing your doctoral degree within your field of study at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Use the FAQs for prospective and current doctoral candidates to inform yourself.

If necessary: equivalence assessment & recognition of your university degree

When people with a foreign university degree apply to Paderborn University, the respective university degree is formally checked for equivalence with a German university degree. The PhD board of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities then decides about the admission to the doctoral program. In many cases, before the formal check of the degree, applicants can only be given a rough estimate as to whether they will be admitted to the doctoral program at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. An "admission with restrictions" (“Zulassung unter Auflagen”) is also possible if it is decided that the degree obtained so far is not sufficient for a doctorate in the desired subject. This may apply if applicants have studied for less than 5 years, have earned less than 300 ECTS or have completed their studies without a master's or state thesis (Staatsarbeit).


DAAD Database on admission requirements in Germany

If necessary, formalities of the Human Resources Department of Paderborn University

If you are going to work at the University of Paderborn with a contract of employment or a fee contract: The Human Resources Department is responsible for the employment of international staff.

The Human Resources Department will accompany you from your recruitment to the termination of your employment at Paderborn University, advise you on labor-law related issues, and provide you with information on personnel matters. Please contact the Human Resources Department in time.


If necessary, arranging the supervision of your doctoral studies

If you have not already done so, you will have to apply for the supervision of your doctoral studies and therefore need to get in touch with a professor in your field at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. If you are coming to Paderborn University from a partner university (3rd cycle), please contact the program representative and your supervisor at your home university to arrange a supervision for your time at Paderborn University.

If necessary, hosting agreement

In some cases, e.g. for different scholarships, you will need a hosting agreement. Please get in touch with your contact person at the faculty. If you are working at Paderborn University with a contract of employment, please contact the Human Resources Department.

Application for admission to the doctoral program

Apply for admission to the doctoral program together with your supervisor if you want to complete your entire doctorate at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. If you come to Paderborn University via a partner university (3rd cycle), you do not have to apply for admission.

Matriculation as a doctoral student

Apply for matriculation as a doctoral student at Paderborn University. If you come to Paderborn University via a partner university (3rd cycle), you do not need to apply for matriculation. You will be automatically matriculated and listed as a "student" and you will have the corresponding rights/duties for your stay at Paderborn University.

Apartment search

Find a suitable accommodation in Paderborn. Please refer to our pages on apartment search for more information.

If you come to Paderborn University via a partner university (3rd cycle), the International Office will support you in your search for accommodation and will usually provide you with a place in a student dormitory.

If necessary, application for a visa

Apply for a national visa for a stay in Germany for the purpose of doctoral studies at the responsible German Federal Foreign Office in your home country. Please make sure that you have sufficient time in advance for the intended start of your doctoral studies/stay abroad, as the processing time can take several months.

Further information on visa and entry can be found here.

If necessary, arrange insurance

To apply for a residence permit in Germany you need a valid health insurance. Please inquire in good time whether your health insurance is recognized in Germany or whether you need additional health insurance, for example.

If necessary, application for financial support

If you are still looking for possibilities for financial support and funding for your doctorate at Paderborn University, you can find out about funding opportunities and, if necessary, apply for funding.

Entry accompanied by family/child(ren)

If you wish to enter in company of underage children/your family: Contact Paderborn University's Family Services Office as early as possible with regard to possible childcare facilities or schools during your stay in Paderborn.

Apply for a national visa for your family members (further information on visa and entry regulations) for a stay in Germany for the purpose of family reunification/family reunion. Please contact the German Federal Foreign Office responsible for issuing visas in your home country for information on any special requirements that may be required in this context (knowledge of German language, minimum apartment size, etc.). Please take particular care to ensure that your family members have sufficient health insurance coverage during your stay in Germany by including them in your contract with a German provider.

Plan your journey

Further information on how to get there can also be found on the website of Paderborn University.


You will probably need several documents, e.g. for your employment contract and for the application of visa and residence permits. In general, you should bring the following documents with you to Germany:

  • several officially certified copies and, if necessary, translations (English or German) of important documents (for instance marriage certificate, birth certificate, birth certificates of your children/your child, credentials, insurance documents)
  • if applicable, vaccination card
  • if applicable, (international) driving license
  • if applicable, latest school reports of your children
  • if applicable, proof of scholarship/funding
  • if applicable, a confirmation of your health insurance
  • if applicable, invitation/hosting agreement of Paderborn University
  • if necessary, passport photos (website only available in German) (but you can also have the photos taken in Germany)

Language preparation

If you would like to improve your German language skills in advance, it is worth taking a look at the website of the Center for Language Studies (website only available in German) at Paderborn University. Here you will find an overview of various recommended websites for learning German.

Registration with the city

Register with the residents' registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt) (website only available in German) within 14 days. A corresponding certificate of registration (Meldebescheinigung) is, among other things, a prerequisite for opening a bank account at a German credit institution.

Opening a bank account

Open a bank account with a German credit institution.

Please note: This information is not legally binding. It cannot replace the information provided by experts, but only gives a first overview of the topic. If necessary, please seek advice from your relevant foreign representative office or other experts.



Anke Riebau

Fakultät für Kulturwissenschaften > Dekanatsmitarbeiter/in Kulturwissenschaften

Internationalization / Faculty Coordinator Incoming & Outgoing Students

Anke Riebau
+49 5251 60-4013

Office hours:

All office hours are being held online via Zoom (appointment needed) or simply contact me via email and I'll be happy to help you.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions reg.:
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Study-related and academic questions & problems
Course registration
Exam registration

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