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This page wants to offer a first overview of various funding opportunities for your doctoral/PhD project. In addition, the information on doctoral/PhD funding opportunities that are offered by Paderborn University may also help you for further reference. Please contact us for individual consultation.

Funding opportunities

Employment at Paderborn University

With a Master's/Magister/Diplom degree, you can be employed as a graduate assistant (WHK) or as a research assistant (WiMi) at the University of Paderborn or at any other university. Here are the general conditions for both types of employment:

…as a Graduate Assistant:

  • maximum of 3 years
  • maximum of 19 hours per week
  • currently: 15€ gross wage per hour
  • requirement: completion of a master’s degree (or equivalent)
  • after the completion of your PhD, an employment as a graduate assistant is no longer possible


…as an Research Assistant:

  • requirement: completion of a master’s degree (or equivalent)
  • pay-scale employment according to the wage agreement for the public service of the federal states of Germany (TVL)
  • usually limited to a maximum of 6 years
  • for the maximum time of employment during further scientific/academic qualification see the German law on fixed-term contracts in academia (WissZeitVG) (website only available in German).


Job opportunities at Paderborn University can be found through the job portal of Paderborn University (website only available in German).

External employment

Pursuing a doctoral project is also possible while working outside of an academic context/university. Therefore, you can work in any occupational field of your choice and still complete your doctorate concurrently.

PhD scholarships

Begabtenförderungswerke in the field of cultural studies:

Further information on the contact persons for the Begabtenförderungswerke at Paderborn University and on PhD funding in general


  • Some scholarships are subject-specific/specific to a certain academic field
  • When receiving a scholarship, social insurance must be paid by the scholarship recipient themselves if the combination with employment is not possible.
PhD scholarship in combination with employment
  • generally, a concurrent employment with a maximum of 9.5 hours per week is allowed
  • important: Always check with the respective scholarship provider and the respective scholarship guidelines!

Generally, it is possible to receive a PhD scholarship simultaneously to an employment. This, however, depends on the regulations of the respective scholarship provider (resp. scholarship regulations). For the scholarship of the Paderborn University Committee for Research and Junior Academics, the following also applies: employment averaging 9.5 hours per week (per annum) is permitted if carried out outside of the university.  

Initial funding for female doctoral candidates

To provide initial funding for female graduates wishing to pursue a PhD, Paderborn University has set up a staff appropriations pool (Personalmittelpool). This helps the best female graduates in a given graduation year fund their PhD through a 0.5 academic staff position for a period of up to one year. Further information can be found on the website of the Equal Opportunities Office.


Research Reserve and Committee

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities receives an annual Research Fund (Forschungsreserve), which is used in particular to provide financial support for research projects (small projects, starting aid) and travel expenses of scientific staff members, as well as to promote scholarships.

Further information

Funding by foundations

The Postgraduate and Doctoral Student Support is preparing several events and workshops for funding consultation and advice. In this context, both doctoral funding programs via funding organizations are presented and advice on how funding can be obtained is given in events and workshops regarding specific subjects/academic fields.


Subject-specific funding consultation

The subject-specific funding consultation is given by professors of the respective subjects. They provide an overview of how to obtain funding, such as individual scholarships and third-party funding for individual and cooperative projects.

In order to get an idea of these consultations, you can have a look at past consultation offers.


Funding opportunities for stays abroad

Information on funding opportunities for stays abroad during your doctorate.

Contact Anda-Lisa Harmening

Graduiertenzentrum der Fakultät für Kulturwissenschaften

Consultations for PhD-Students

Anda-Lisa  Harmening
+49 5251 60-3913

Office hours:

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