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KWir – tandem partner program between doctoral candidates and postdocs

The Graduate Center strives to promote the exchange between doctoral candidates and postdocs at our faculty. It aims to use the synergy effect of networking and communication to benefit doctoral candidates of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities from the experience of our postdocs. The tandem partner program “KWir” is not intended as a long-term mentoring program, but rather to facilitate direct contact and exchange between doctoral candidates and postdocs of the same faculty. It wants to capitalize on interdisciplinary questions in connection with further academic qualification and/or career planning. Which questions and topics are discussed as well as the frequency of contact is solely decided bilaterally by the participating tandem partners. Interested doctoral candidates are invited to contact us for information about the tandem partner program. We will make every effort to match suitable tandem pairs with the aim of encouraging the exchange within the faculty and between status groups.

Contact Anda-Lisa Harmening

Graduiertenzentrum der Fakultät für Kulturwissenschaften

Consultations for PhD-Students

Anda-Lisa  Harmening
+49 5251 60-3913

Office hours:

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