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Information for doctoral students of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (Outgoing)

As part of their strategy for internationalization, both Paderborn University and the Faculty of Arts and Humanities strive to attract highly qualified international doctoral students and bring them to the university. The aim of Paderborn University is to enhance its international profile in research, studies, and teaching. In doing so, it also aims for internationalization to cover the entire field of studying, teaching, learning, as well as research. Therefore, Paderborn University and the Faculty of Arts and Humanities want to increase the international mobilities of doctoral students.

International experience is becoming more and more important for many professions and academic careers. The doctoral studies offer many possibilities to integrate a stay abroad, e.g. as a teaching stay, for archive or library research or for gaining special expertise abroad.

We are happy to support you with information and a consultation service on the possibilities of international mobility.

Information regarding the different possibilities to gain experience abroad during the doctoral studies


Overview on the partner universities of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities which enable a stay during the doctoral studies


Selection of funding opportunities, financial aid and scholarship programs


Overview on consultation and information services for doctoral students who are interested in a stay abroad or in (inter)national networking



Anke Riebau

Dekanatsmitarbeiter/in Kulturwissenschaften

Internationalization / Faculty Coordinator Incoming & Outgoing Students

Anke Riebau
+49 5251 60-4013

Office hours:

Thursdays 1-2pm (no registration needed)

No office hour: 30.03.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions reg.:
Learning Agreements
Study-related and academic questions & problems
Course registration
Exam registration

Feel free to contact me if you have questions... more

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