Welcome to the pages for postdocs at the Faculty of Cultural Studies!

We consider all postdocs at the Faculty of Cultural Studies to be postdocs, regardless of their career goal. For a detailed differentiation of the academic qualification phases, please continue reading on the central pages of the Paderborn University. There, the postdoc phase is divided into the orientation phase , the profiling phase and the appointment phase.

We are pleased to be able to support you in your further academic qualification and with a view to career paths outside and within the university. On the following pages you will find advice and coaching servicesas well as information on funding opportunities, networking formats and stays abroad. In our calendar of events, which can be subscribed to by status group, we have stored networking and further education opportunities for you. We have created a separate section for junior professors.

If you are interested in our networking formats with professors, please contact Dr. Anda-Lisa Harmening.

For questions about stays abroad and for all incoming students at KW, please contact Anke Riebau.

News from the Graduate Centre KW

The next GKW events

05.12.2023, 13:00-14:00:
Graduate Assembly of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

11.12.2023, 14:00-17:30:
KW writes better together

13.12.2023, 16:00-17:30:
Information and discussion event on the WissZeitVG

Newsletter of the GKW

Our subscription newsletter informs you about news from the field of the Graduate Centre (events, deadlines, project calls, etc.).

Email distribution list

You will receive all relevant information for your status group once a week via the respective status group mailing lists for doctoral candidates, postdocs and junior professors. You are welcome to send admission requests to our e-mail address.

The habilitation procedure

Are you looking for information on your habilitation procedure at UPB or do you want to find out about habilitations that have already been completed? We have compiled all the relevant information for you on our page about the habilitation procedure.

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You are interested in possible financing options as well as subsidies during your habitilation? On our web pages on the topic of "financing" we give you an overview of various financing options.

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Are you a postdoc and would like to network with other postdocs or professors? Or do you need information on scholarship networks available at KW or would you like to participate in interdisciplinary workshops? You will find further information on all of these topics on the attached page.

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You would like to exchange ideas about your own career? Do you want to take part in coaching sessions as well as training courses for further education? On our web pages on the topic of "Careers" you will find links to programmes and opportunities to find out about your career options.

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Are you planning a stay abroad as a UPB postdoc or are you coming to UPB from another country? On our web pages on the topic of "International Affairs" you will find an initial overview of formalities and also have access to checklists for planning your stay.

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Are you interested in topics related to gender equality? On our web pages on the topic of "Gender Equality" you will find information about the offers of the central gender equality officers as well as an overview of possible contact points and contact persons.

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Conflict counselling

Are you looking for contact persons and contact points in the context of conflict counselling? On our web pages on the topic of "Conflict Counselling" you will find possible contacts as well as information on conflict counselling at Paderborn University and specifically at the Faculty of Cultural Studies.

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Representation of interests

Are you looking for contact persons or institutions with whom you can discuss your interests and wishes? You can find more information on our web pages on the topic of "Interest groups".

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Scientific work

Are you looking for information on research methods, good scientific practice and research ethics? Are you planning a scientific conference and want to get an overview of planning steps? We are happy to help you on our web pages on the topic of "Scientific Work".

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We are happy to help:

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Dr.in Anda-Lisa Harmening

Graduate Center of the Faculty of Arts and Humanites

Consultations for PhD-Students and Postdocs

Write email +49 5251 60-3913
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Anke Riebau

Fakultät für Kulturwissenschaften

International Relations Manager / Faculty Coordinator Internships Abroad

Write email +49 5251 60-4013