We are pleased that you are interested in the topic of doctoral studies at our faculty!

  • Are you interested in a doctorate and would like some advice? Dr.in Anda-Lisa Harmening is looking forward to hearing from you.
  • If you have any questions about enrolment in the doctoral programme and organisational support (collection of reports, etc.), Sophie Jacobs is the right person to contact.
  • Prof. Dr. Heike M. Buhl, as chair of the doctoral committee, is available to answer questions about the doctorate or the doctoral project.
  • If you have questions about possible topics and concrete supervision, please contact the professors in your subject.
  • For questions about stays abroad and for all incoming students at KW, please contact Anke Riebau.

We are happy to help:

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Dr.in Anda-Lisa Harmening

Graduate Center of the Faculty of Arts and Humanites

Consultations for PhD-Students and Postdocs

Write email +49 5251 60-3913
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Sophie Jacobs

Dekanatsmitarbeiter/in Kulturwissenschaften

Promotionsausschuss & Stipendien

Write email +49 5251 60-3955

Postal address

Please use the following address for mail:

Paderborn University
Faculty of Cultural Studies
Secretariat of the PhD Committee

Sophie Jacobs
Warburger Str. 100

33098 Paderborn