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Consultation for supervisors of PhD candidates

As chair of the PhD board, Prof. Dr. Heike M. Buhl is available to answer all questions regarding formalities of the doctoral process and challenges in the supervision.

Further offers for supervisors of doctoral projects are listed below:

Clearing House

At the Graduate Center of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, a clearing house has been established, which is available for supervisors of doctoral theses. All conflicts that arise in the context of supervision relationshipscan be discussed here. Conflict counseling for employees is also available.

Offers for professors and supervisors of doctoral projects:

The Staff Development Department of Paderborn University offers different services for professors and supervisors of doctoral candidates. These include coaching for professors and collegial support.

Current Events

On 12.05.2022, from 3-5 p.m., the workshop "Exchange of Experiences for PhD Supervisors: Support with Writing and Publishing" will take place. The event is organized by the Staff Development department and will feature Dr. Andrea Karsten as a speaker. Further information is available on the Staff Development website (only available in German).


Prof. Dr. Heike M. Buhl

Fakultät für Kulturwissenschaften

Vorsitzende des Promotionsausschusses

Heike M. Buhl
+49 5251 60-2897

Office hours:

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