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Welcome to the study area homepage for contemporary history at the University of Paderborn

History cannot be avoided by anybody, especially contemporary history!

A look back always helps in order to understand the present. Whether we are thinking about how to handle migration or deal with different cultures and their constructions, whether we are considering environmental changes or recent developments in modern sport – we constantly fall back on experiences previously gained in former epochs.

In the field of contemporary history, references to current problems are of special significance. This makes them interesting and lends an especially important role to our area of study and simultaneously invites lively discussion. Debates therefore form an essential part of our seminars.

History is also learnt on-site! Students can experience this aspect of contemporary history by participating on regularly organized study trips to Poland, Berlin or Dresden, for example. We look forward to our joint events, projects and discussions with you!

Aktuelles aus der Zeitgeschichte


Professor Dr. Peter Fäßler

Fakultät für Kulturwissenschaften > Historisches Institut > Zeitgeschichte

Peter Fäßler
+49 5251 60-2433

Office hours:

Im SoSe 19
Do, 12:00 - 13:00 Uhr
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