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Bulletin Board

6/2023: Alexander Dunst, guest lecture: "Situated Reading: Digital Humanities als kritische Kulturwissenschaft," Lecture Series "Digital Humanities im Gespräch", Dahlem Humanities Center, FU Berlin (June 1).

5/2023: Alexander Dunst, workshop co-organizer: "Health Sciences and the Social: Health and Social Mobilization, 1950-2020s." Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (Paris) (May 19).

3/2023. Alexandra Hartmann, conference paper: "Caring Against Crisis: Care Work and Black Liberation." Eighth Annual Conference of the African American Intellectual History Society. UNC Charlotte.

3/2023. Christoph Ribbat, guest lecture: "Just Breathe: The German Jewish Gymnastics Instructor Who Brought Mindfulness to America." German Studies, Illinois State University.

1/2023. Miriam Strube, conference paper: "'Of rock and water:' Wallace Stevens’ Poetics and Heideggerian Elemental Philosophy." MLA 2023, San Francisco. Panel by the Wallace Stevens Society.

12/2022. Alexandra Hartmann, guest lecture: "Housing at Mid-20th Century: Of African American Dreams and Nightmares." University of the Ruhr, Bochum

11/2022. Online workshop at UPB. Margaret Sartor (Durham, NC) on Miss American Pie: A Diary of Love, Secrets, and Growing Up in the 1970s.

11/2022. Guest lecture at UPB.  Bailey Moorhead Obama Institute, University of Mainz: “'Whatever happened, it happened in extraordinary times:' Eudora Welty’s 'First Love.'"

8/2022. Miriam Strube, conference paper: "In a Jamesian State of Mind: Pluriverse, Tolerance, Diversity." Pragmatism and Scientific Practice, ETH Zürich.

7/2022. Alexander Dunst, member of UPB research group Mensch/Maschine exploring humanist ideas and technology in management and culture.

6/2022. Alexandra Hartmann, conference paper: "Caring Towards Abolition: Notes on the Importance of Care in James Baldwin and the Black Lives Matter Movement." International Conference on James Baldwin. Nice, France, La Maison Baldwin.

6/2022. Q & A at UPB. Anthony Cesar, Chris Elliott, and Carlos Martin Nieto (Paderborn Dolphins): Football in the United States and in Europe.

6/2022. UPB American studies field trips: Isamu Noguchi, Museum Ludwig (Cologne) and Pedro Reyes, Marta (Herford).

5/2022. Alexander Dunst, lecture: "Digital Humanities als Literatur- und Kulturtheorie: Ein Überblick." Ringvorlesung Literatur und Kulturtheorie. Universität Paderborn.

4/2002. Christoph Ribbat, conference paper: "The Worst Best War Reporter of All Time: Joan Didion's Salvador." Joan Didion : Life and/with/through Words. Online conference, University of Bamberg; Università degli Studi di Milano.

1/2022. Alexandra Hartmann, guest lecture: "Policing Black Lives: From Baldwin to #BlackLivesMatter."  University of the Ruhr, Bochum. 

5/2021. Online workshops at UPB. John Niyo (Detroit News) and David Jesse (Detroit Free Press). American Journalism Now.

4/2021. Online workshop at UPB. Grace Elizabeth Hale (University of Virginia): Food and American Studies.

1/2021. Online workshop at UPB. Melissa Johnson (Illinois State University): Glenn Ligon, American artist.

11/2020. Alexander Dunst & Felix Giesa, lecture: "Comic-Archive im Digitalen Zeitalter: Erschließung, Bereitstellung und Analyse", Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin.

11/2020. Miriam Strube, article: "Humanism and Literature." The Oxford Handbook of Humanism. Ed. Anthony Pinn. Oxford University Press.

11/2020. Madita Oeming, invited participant: "UNIDAS Konferenz: Frauen im Dialog." Salvador da Bahia / Berlin / online (Goethe Institute).

10/2020. Miriam Strube, 30-minute television interview: "Die fremd gewordene Supermacht: Wie hat Trump die USA verändert" (WDR).

10/2020. Christoph Ribbat: "Tennis im Lockdown." Pop: Kultur und Kritik 9:2 (2020).

10/2020. Madita Oeming "Black Bodies, White Profit: (Anti-)Racism in US Porn." Missy Magazine.

7/2020. Alexander Dunst, online lecture: "Experimenting with the Humanities: Raymond Williams and the Method Wars." Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Bhopal, India.

6/2020. Denise Parkinson, interview, University of Paderborn main website. "„Allen helfen, die nicht atmen können: die Proteste, der Rassismus und das Justizsystem in den USA".

6/2020. Online workshop at UPB. Verna Lee Kale (Pennsylvania State University): "Hemingway, Gender Studies, and 'Hills Like White Elephants.'"

05/2020. Madita Oeming, online talk. „Warum die ganze Porno-Panik?“, University of Paderborn: Philosophische Interventionen.

05/2020. Madita Oeming, online talk „Our Relationship to Porn: From Shame to Addiction,“ New York City/Zoom: The Love Thyself Conference.

3/2020. Christoph Ribbat, panelist. MAD Monday Service: An Evening about the Art and Craft of Hospitality. Copenhagen, DK.

3/2020. Madita Oeming, conference paper:"Fucking Funny: Zur Rolle von Humor im Porno." Fachtagung "Nach dem Sex", Kasseler Komik Kolloquium.

1/2020. Guest lecture at UPB. Kara Schlichting (Queens College, City University of New York): "Coney Island and New York Culture at the Turn of the Century."

1/2020. The Whale and the Raven. Film Screening (Pollux Cinema) and Workshop at UPB with director Mirjam Leuze.

1/2020. Alexander Dunst, conference paper: "The Rise of the Graphic Novel: Comics and the Evolution of Literary Prestige." 134th Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association; Session "Computational Cultural History". New York City.

12/2019. Stela Dujakovic, article: "Masculinity Beyond Repair: Aging, Pathology, and the Male Body in Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections." Anafora 6:2 (2019): 469-491.

12/2019. Alexander Dunst, article: "Graphic Novels Are Comic Books, But Gentrified." Jacobin 31 December 2019.

12/2019. Online workshop at UPB. Phil Bratta (Oklahoma State University): "Political Rhetoric in the Contemporary United States." .

12/2019. Madita Oeming, conference talk: "'You Make your Students Watch Porn?!' On the Joys & Challenges of Bringing Pornography to the Classroom." Conference: Rebellious Teaching, Berlin. 

12/2019. Guest lecture at UPB. Lauren Tilton (University of Virginia): "Visual Digital Humanities: Close to Distant Reading". Digital Humanities Lecture Series.

12/2019. Reading at UPB. An evening with American novelist Saskia Vogel.

12/2019. Online workshop at UPB. Brad Prager (University of Missouri): Holocaust Memory and Contemporary American Culture.

12/2019. Miriam Strube, W.E.B. Du Bois Lecture: "Pragmatism in Black: The Deep Democratic Tradition in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man." Humboldt University, Berlin.

11/2019. Stela Dujakovic, conference paper: "'Slow as molasses' – Old Age as the Last Frontier in Colum McCann’s 'Thirteen Ways of Looking'." Metropolitan Masculinities. International Conference. Bochum.

11/2019. Madita Oeming, guest lecture: "The Politics of Pathologizing Porn." FU Berlin, John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies.

11/2019. Alexander Dunst, co-organizer: Experimental Humanities (Lectures and Workshop). ICI Berlin.

11/2019. Madita Oeming, interview: "Does modern porn help boost sex positivity?" CBS News.

11/2019. Workshop at UPB. Kelly P. Bushnell (Seattle, WA / Carson Fellow, LMU Munich): Writing a Warming Arctic.

11/2019. Online workshop at UPB. Lori Gemeiner Bihler (Framingham State University): "German Jews in London and New York, 1935-1945."

10/2019. UPB American Studies Film Trip. Exhibition, Sprengel Museum Hannover: Fred Stein: Dresden - Paris - New York. Conversation with Peter Stein, Cinematographer.

10/2019. Guest lecture at UPB. Timothy Corrigan (University of Pennsylvania): "Documentaries and the Trembling Ethics of Reality".

10/2019. Madita Oeming, panel chair: "#netzfeminismen". Galerie Alte Feuerwehr, Göttingen.

9/2019. Alexander Dunst, conference paper: "Decolonizing the Sixties? The Congress on the Dialectics of Liberation and Transnational Archives in a Digital Age", Panel "Decolonizing the Digital Archive", 25th Biannual Meeting of the Italian Association of American Studies (AISNA), Ragusa, Sicily.

9/2019. Madita Oeming, interview (on teaching Porn Studies), Spiegel Online; TV interview in "Talk aus Berlin" (rbb).

9/2019. Wilbert Olinde und Christoph Ribbat, conversation (with Heike Kübler and Michael Goetting). Internationales Literaturfestival Berlin. (Audio online: Deutschlandfunk Kultur.)

9/2019. Alexander Dunst, conference paper. "Multimodal Stylometry for Comics." 8th Göttingen-Hildesheim Workshop on the Digital Humanities and Computational Linguistics. Universität Hildesheim.

7/2019. Stela Dujakovic, workshop and presentation. "Depictions of Old Age, Masculinity, and the Loss of Sovereignty in Colum McCann’s Thirteen Ways of Looking." SINS Summer Course in Narrative Studies. University of Aarhus, Denmark.

7/2019. Miriam Strube, Chang-an Lecture Series on Literary and Cultural Theory. Xian, China. ("Faces of Feminism: Reflections on Women and/in Popular Culture" / "Rewriting the Western Genre: Cinematic Subversions and American Identity").

7/2019. Alexander Dunst and Rita Hartel: , "Quantifying Complexity in Multimodal Media: Alan Moore and the 'Density' of the Graphic Novel". Conference Paper, Digital Humanities Conference 2019, Utrecht University,

7/2019. Miriam Strube, Lecture: “The world is a possibility if only you’ll discover it” – Living Democracy in Ralph Ellison’s Pragmatism."  Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf. Ringvorlesung Literarische Philosophie - philosophische Literatur.

6/2019. Yogita Goyal (UCLA), talk and workshop, UPB American Studies ("We Need New Diasporas: A Workshop on Contemporary Fiction"  / "Aesthetics of Refuge: Migration and the Claims of Universalism").

6/2019. German premiere screening at UPB: The River and the Wall (US documentary).

6/2019. Alexandra Hartmann, conference paper: "Of Nurturers, Organizers, and Strongholds: Portraying Black Womanhood in the Carceral State." DGfA/GAAS Annual Conference, Hamburg.

6/2019. Madita Oeming, conference paper: "PERFS versus Pervs – The Feminist Porn Wars in the Digital Age." DGfA/GAAS Annual Conference, Hamburg.

5/2019. Stela Dujakovic, "Kleptophobic". Short story published in Internet Void.

5/2019. Alexander Dunst, "What Happened in the 2000s? Digital Literary Studies, the Graphic Novel, and Cultural Value", University of Potsdam. May 24, 2019.

4/2019. Christoph Ribbat, talk: "Breathing in Manhattan: A German Refugee and Her 'Studio of Physical Re-Education'". John F. Kennedy Institute, FU Berlin.

3/2019. Madita Oeming, radio interview. "Feministische Pornos", feature by Mithu Sanyal, WDR 5.

3/2019. Madita Oeming, conference paper:  "PaderPorn Studies – Report from the Frontlines of German Academia."  XVII MAGIS International Film Studies Spring School. Universitá di Udine, Gorizia, Italy.

3/2019. Christoph Ribbat, discussion: "The Restaurant as a Social Phenomenon", Athens World Book Capital, Ianos Bookstore & Cafe, Athens (Greece).

2/2019. Madita Oeming, guest talk. "Yes Means Yes! What We Can Learn about Consent from Porn." University of Giessen.

2/2019. Jim van der Laan (Illinois State University), three-day seminar at UPB: "American Gun Culture".

1/2019. Alexandra Hartmann, conference paper: “Precarious Lives in Jesmyn Ward’s Fiction: Childhood, Temporality, and the Second Nadir.” Collegium for African American Research (CAAR), Orlando, FL.

1/2019. Madita Oeming, book review in Screening Sex (Kyra Clarke, Affective Sexual Pedagogies in Film and Television).

1/2019. Alexandra Hartmann, article: "The Personal Is Theoretical and the Past Is Present: Blurring the Lines in Contemporary Anti-Racist Writing." B(l)ack Futures: Flat Time in Black Performance. Eds. Nicole Hodges Persley and Baron Kelly. De Gruyter, 2018.

1/2019. Poetry reading & creative writing workshop at Paderborn: Zoe Skoulding (University of Bangor, Wales).

1/2019. Rita Hartel & Alexander Dunst, "How Good is Good Enough? Establishing Quality Thresholds for the Automatic Text Analysis of Retro-Digitized Comics", Multimedia Modeling Conference 2019, Thessaloniki, Greece. 8 January 2019.

12/2018. Alexander Dunst: "Art Spiegelman, die Literaturwissenschaft, und die wundersame Verwandlung des Comics", Berliner Comic-Kolloquium, HU Berlin.

12/2018. Wilbert Olinde und Christoph Ribbat: "Deutschland für eine Saison: Wilbert Olinde Jr., der Basketball und ein Stück deutsch-amerikanischer Zeitgeschichte." Volkshochschule München / Amerikahaus München.

12/2018. Stela Dujakovic, conference paper: "Of Victims and Perpetrators: Reconsidering Victimhood in Contemporary American Narratives of Masculinity." Gender (Mis)Representations: 2018 International Conference on Gender Studies. Cambridge, UK.

11/2018. Eslah Attar, photographer. Skype discussion with Paderborn students.

11/2018. "Weil ein #aufschrei nicht reicht." Anne Wizorek in conversation with Madita Oeming. International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. University of Goettingen

11/2018. Christoph Ribbat, lecture: "Atmen in Manhattan: Die Stadt der Emigrantin Carola Joseph/Spitz/Spitzova/Speads." Ringvorlesung, Universität Paderborn: Urbane Kulturen und Räume intermedial.

10/2018. Vulva Dialoge. Margarete Stokowski (author) and Madita Oeming in conversation. Literaturfestival Göttingen (more here).

10-12/2018. Alexandra Hartmann, visiting researcher (DAAD): Department of African and African American Studies, Harvard University.

9/2018. Madita Oeming, conference paper: "Sex through the Eyes of Women: Reversing the Male Gaze in Feminist Porn." 10th European Feminist Research Conference, Göttingen.

9/2018. Alexandra Hartmann, participant: Fulbright American Studies Institute, San Francisco State University. 

8/2018. Christoph Ribbat, interviewee: The watermelon's racist history. Deutschlandfunk Nova ("Ab 21").

8/2018. Madita Oeming, participant: The Porno Cultures Podcast, episode 12: Grad Students Roundtable.

8/2018. Out now: Alexander Dunst, Jochen Laubrock, and Janina Wildfeuer, eds. Empirical Comics Research: Digital, Multimodal, and Cognitive Methods. London: Routledge, 2018.

7/2018. Madita Oeming, conference paper: "Blame It On Porn?! The Question of Media-Induced Desire for Labiaplasty." Conference: Console-ing Passions. Bournemouth University, UK.

7/2018. Madita Oeming, invited conference paper: "Feminst Porn? Challenging a Perceived Paradox?" Symposium: Feminism 2018. University of Würzburg.

6/2018. Christopher Breu (Illinois State University): intensive seminar at UPB ("Gender, Sexuality, and Power in the United States").

6/2018. Guest lectures at Paderborn. Gary Younge (The Guardian): workshop for MA and Ph.D. students and reading of Another Day in the Death of America, University of Paderborn.

6/2018. Stela Dujakovic, conference paper: "Masculinity beyond Repair: Aging, Pathology, and the Male Body in Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections." Croatian Association for American Studies Conference, University of Zadar, Croatia.

6/2018. Madita Oeming, invited talk: "Feminism Meets Porn". University of Giessen.

6/2018. Madita Oeming: "Diagnose Pornosucht: Zur Pathologisierung sexueller Lust in den USA." Kolloquium für Neuste Geschichte, Department of History, University of Paderborn.

5/2018. Stacy Takacs (Oklahoma State University): intensive seminar at UPB ("Quality TV in America").

5/2018. Alexander Dunst, conference paper: "Teaching Digital American Studies: Some Approaches, Tools, and Experiences." DGfA/GAAS Annual Conference, FU Berlin.

5/2018. Alexander Dunst, invited talk: "Von Maus und Maschinen: Graphische Narrative im Zeitalter digitaler Forschung." Ringvorlesung: Aktuelle Perspektiven der Comicforschung. Universität zu Köln.

5/2018. Guest lectures at Paderborn. Bertram Ashe (University of Richmond): "A Workshop on Martin Luther King Jr.'s 'Letter from Birmingham Jail'" and "Twisted: My Dreadlock Chronicles". 

4/2018. Guest lecture at Paderborn. Matt Sheedy (University of Manitoba/University of Bonn): "#IdleNoMore: Indigenous Insurgence/Resurgence in Canada.".

3/2018. Alexandra Hartmann, "'It wasn't a match. It was a lesson.' The Black Humanism of Claudia Rankine's Citizen." Third Annual Conference, African American Intellectual History Society. Boston.

3/2018. Madita Oeming, "Watching Porn in Academia: A Short Introduction to the Field of Porn Studies." Guest lecture, Tulane University, New Orleans.

3/2018. Alexander Dunst, "Towards a Stylometry for Visual Media." Price Lab Workshop Series, Price Lab for Digital Humanities. University of Pennsylvania.

2/2018. Madita Oeming, "In Vulva Vanitas: The Rise of Labioplasty in the Western World." Gender Forum 67 (2018): 70-91.

2/2018. Markus Wierschem (and Alexander Schultz), "Der Antiheld als Reflexionsgestalt der Moderne." Lecture, KWI Essen / CineScience.

2/2018. Christoph Ribbat, Scholar in Residence, The Neon Museum, Las Vegas.

2-3/2018. Stela Dujakovic, Visiting Scholar, Department of English, Oklahoma State University.

2-3/2018. Madita Oeming, Visiting Scholar, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program, Tulane University, New Orleans.

2-3/2018. Christoph Ribbat, "Let Us Now Praise Damaged Photographs" (blog for "Still Searching", Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland).

2/2018. Alexander Dunst, "The Affective Economy of Debt: Nicholas Winding Refns Neoliberal Noir." Cinema Studies Colloquium, University of Pennsylvania.

2/2018. Madita Oeming, "A New Diagnosis for Old Fears? Pathologizining Porn in Contemporary US Discourse." Porn Studies (2018).

1/2018. Miriam Strube, "The Productivity of Doubt: Wallace Stevens' Pragmatism." Conference paper, Truth or Post-Truth, University of Freiburg.

1/2018. Talk at UPB: From Southeast San Diego to UCLA (and Beyond): An Evening with Wilbert Olinde Jr.

1-4/2018. Alexander Dunst, Visiting Research Professor, Price Lab for Digital Humanities / Cinema & Media Studies, University of Pennsylvania.

12/2017. Markus Wierschem (with Julius Greve and James Dorson), Cormac McCarthy Between Worlds: Special Issue to the European Journal of American Studies.

12/2017. American Studies field trip, K 20 Düsseldorf: Carmen Herrera / American Minimalism.

12/2017. Madita Oeming, "Against the Malestream: Re-Imaginging Porn as a Feminist." Guest lecture, University of Giessen.

12/2017. Reading at UPB: Thomas Pletzinger: "The Great Nowitzki" (press coverage).

11/2017. Madita Oeming: "'Pornography Is a Public Health Hazard': The Politics of Pathologizing Porn". Research Colloquium North American Studies, University of Göttingen.

11/2017. Workshop at UPB. Elisabeth Schäfer-Wünsche (Universität Bonn): Exploring the American Slave Narrative.

10/2017. Talks at UPB. Devonte Brown, Armani Cotton, Morgan Grim, and Thomas Cooper (Uni Baskets Paderborn): "Basketball and American Culture."

10/2017. Madita Oeming, conference paper accepted. "New Media Junkies: The 'Porn Addict' in Contemporary US Cinema." Society for Cinema and Media Studies, annual conference, Toronto 2018.

10/2017. Alexander Dunst, essay: "Dialectics of Liberation." For "Hidden Persuaders," Birkbeck College, London.

9/2017. Stela Dujakovic, conference paper: "'The Room I Could Die In': Deconstructing Home in Fictions of Aging." AIAS Symposium "Mobilizing Home(s)", Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies, Aarhus (DK).

8/2017. Alexander Dunst and Rita Hartel, conference paper: "Corpora and Complex Networks as Cultural Critique: Investigating Race and Gender Bias in Graphic Narratives." Digital Humanities Conference 2017, Montréal, Canada.

7/2017. Dana N. Thompson Dorsey (University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill): The Future of High Schools in Trump's America. Video talk. 

7/2017. Alexander Dunst, "Ordinary Madness: DonDeLillo's Subject from Underworld to Point Omega." Amerikastudien/American Studies 62:1 (2017): 35-49.

6/2017. Alexandra Hartmann, conference paper: "The Black Counter-Gaze: Revealing Complicity in White Privilege". Conference: Complicity and the Politics of Representation. University of the Ruhr, Bochum.

5/2017. Christoph Ribbat, lecture: "We Must Speak: Aretha Franklin and Martin Luther King Jr. in the Spring of 1967." Lecture series 1967. Paderborn.

5/2017. William Decker (Oklahoma State University). Guest lecture in Paderborn: "Walt Whitman: 'Time nor Space, Distance Avails Not.'" J 4.219.

2/2017. Conference: The Empirical Study of Comics. Co-organized by BMBF Research Group Hybrid Narrativity (Paderborn/Potsdam). University of Bremen.

1/2017. Simon Dickel, University of Bochum. Guest lecture in Paderborn: "Afrofuturism: Octavia E. Butler and Beyond."

1/2017. John Storey, Sunderland University. Guest lectures in Paderborn: "Culture in Cultural Studies" and  "Dylan, Drugs, and Utopianism".

1/2017. Jan Logemann (University of Göttingen), workshops at Paderborn: "American Shopping Spaces: Dead Malls and New Urbanism" and "Emigré Mad Men: Immigrants and American Marketing at Mid-Century".

1/2017. Alexander Dunst: "Quantifying Comics." Torch: The Oxford Centre in the Humanities.

12/2016. Christoph Ribbat: "Upside Down: Alltag, Popkultur und Down-Syndrom." Ringvorlesung "Irgendwie anders denken". Universität Paderborn.

11/2016. Joachim Baur (Exponauten Berlin), video discussion statement: "Immigration and the Museum."

11/2016. American Studies US Election Breakfast (coverage, Neue Westfälische).

10/2016. American Studies field trip. Deutsches Auswandererhaus, Bremerhaven.

10/2016. Stela Dujakovic, conference paper: "Age and Stagnation: (Un)Restorable Pathologies in Paul Harding's Tinkers." DGfA/GAAS Postgraduate Forum. University of Hamburg.

9/2016: Paderborn American Studies Summer School at Illinois State University.

9/2016. Out now: Alexander Dunst, Madness in Cold War America (Routledge).

9/2016. Alexander Dunst, conference paper: "What Has Critique Ever Done For US? On the Theory and Practice of American Studies in an Interdisciplinary DH Project;" panelist, roundtable discussion: "The Future of Digital American Studies in Europe."  Conference, Netherlands American Studies Association: "American Studies after the Digital Turn." Middleburg, NL.

7/2016: Markus Wierschem, conference co-organizer (with James Dorson, Julius Greve): Crossroads and Transgressions: Cormac McCarthy Between Worlds. FU Berlin.

7/2016. Guest lecture at Paderborn. Tiffany Florvil (University of New Mexico): "Audre Lorde, Afro-Germans, and Other Afro-Europeans."

7/2016. Guest lecture at Paderborn. David Prior (University of New Mexico): "Reconstruction's Contested Memory.".

7/2016. Alexandra Hartmann, conference paper: "The (In)Visibility of Embodied Blackness." International Conference: Embodiment, Perception, and Critical Practice. University of the Ruhr, Bochum.

7/2016. Conference at Paderborn. Schmutzige Ökonomien. Organizers: Laura Moisi, Anne Schreiber (DFG-Graduiertenkolleg Automatismen).

6/2016. Madita Oeming, conference paper: "(S)exploiting Television: Porn Parodies of Popular US TV Series." International Conference: Seriality Seriality Seriality: Popular Seriality, Aesthetics and Practice. FU Berlin.

6/2016. Slam Poetry Performance and Workshop at Paderborn: Jan Philipp Zymny.

5/2016. Performance at Paderborn. Ethan Rafal (San Francisco) presents Shock & Awe. 2:15 p.m., J 4.319. 

5/2016. Guest lecture at Paderborn. Wilbert Olinde: "California, Basketball, Germany: Telling My Story". 4:15 p.m., J 3.213. See coverage: Westfalen-Blatt; Neue Westfälische.

5/2016. Forum, Digital American Studies Intiative; DGfA Annual Convention, University of Osnabrück. Contributor: Alexander Dunst.

3/2016. Alexandra Hartmann, conference paper: "Overlooked and Underrated: African American Humanism." African American Intellectual History Society, First Annual Conference: "New Perspectives on the Black Intellectual Tradition." Chapel Hill, NC.

2/2016. Intensive seminar at Paderborn: "Gender and Genre: From the Neo-Slave Narrative to Hip Hop." Sheri Dorn, University of La Verne, La Verne, CA.

2/2016. Paper accepted, Alexander Dunst and Jochen Laubrock (Potsdam): "Corpus Analyses of Multimodal Narratives: The Example of Graphic Novels." Digital Humanities 2016, Cracow, Poland (7/2016).

2/2016. Conference: Auto/Biographies in American History. Annual Meeting of the Historians in the German Association of American Studies. Tutzing.

2/2016. Guest lecture at Paderborn: Arata Takeda (FU Berlin), "Mimesis and Violence in Tragedy." 

1/2016. Miriam Strube, "The Present of the Past: Response to Winfried Siemerling's The Black Atlantic Reconsidered." Workshop: "Comparative North American Ethnic Studies: Black Canadian Literature from a Transnational Perspective." WWU Münster.

1/2016. Alexander Dunst, guest lecture: "Digital Explorations in Visual Narrative." Department of English, Providence Women's College, Kerala, India.

1/2016. Call for Papers, Conference: Crossroads and Transgressions: Cormac McCarthy Between Worlds; FU Berlin, July 7-9, 2016. Organizers: James Dorson (Berlin), Julius Greve (Cologne), Markus Wierschem (Paderborn).

12/2015: Miriam Strube, guest lecture at Tel Aviv University: "Thinking Acts: (Semi)Public Intellectuals and the Future of the Humanities."

12/2015: Christoph Ribbat interviewed on 99% Invisible; Episode 193: "The Tube Benders".

12/2015: "HIV and Discrimination"; Guest lecture, Theresa Roth, University of Bamberg.

11/2015: Miriam Strube, conference paper: "Failed by Society: Environmental Racism and Hurricane Katrina." The Failed Individual, University of Mannheim.

11/2015: Guest lecture, Yuval Jobani (Tel Aviv University / Humboldt Visiting Professor): "Secularization and Higher Education in America".

11/2015: Alexandra Hartmann, "I Believe in Nothing If Not in Action: African American Humanism and (Embodied) Agency." Conference paper, DGfA/GAAS Postgraduate Forum 2015, University of Bamberg.

10/2015: Miriam Strube, "Following the Weaver's Shuttle: The To and Fro of Literature and Philosophy." Conference: Literature and Philosophy. University of St Gall (Switzerland). 

10/2015: Miriam Strube, "The Trauma of Empire: Screening Suffering and Everyday Oppression." Keynote Lecture, Conference: "Empire and Neurosis". Postgraduate Forum; Gesellschaft für Anglophone Postkoloniale Studien / Association for Anglophone Postcolonial Studies. University of Duisburg/Essen.

9/2015: Alexander Dunst (co-organizer with James Burton, Fabienne Collignon, and Laurence A. Rickels): Symposium: Becoming Post-Android: Philip K. Dick's Errant Ontology. ICI Berlin.

9/2015: Paderborn American Studies Summer School at Illinois State University.

7/2015: Intensive seminar, James van der Laan (Illinois State University): "Narrative, Advertising, Technology, and Myth."

7/2015: Alexandra Hartmann: "Challenging Evil: Humanism in African American Literature." Vortrag, Forschungsinstitut für Philosophie Hannover, Meisterkurs "Das Böse", Prof. Susan Neiman.

6/2015: Intensive seminar, Megan Ewing (Princeton University): "Transatlantic Relays Between German and US Postwar Poetry." Course program (pdf).

6/2015.: Guest lecture by John Storey (University of Sunderland): Thinking Theoretically About Masculinity.  H 3.203.

5/2015: Alexander Dunst: "What Is the Graphic Novel: Digital Perspectives on Cultural Form." DH Lecture, Anglistik/Amerikanistik, Universität Stuttgart.

5/2015: Christoph Ribbat, "Clinton, Chipotle, and the Calorie Counters: How (Not) To Think About Restaurants. Food, Fatness, and Fitness: Critical Perspectives. Online.

5/2015: Guest lecture / artist's talk: Göran Gnaudschun, Photographer.

3/2015. Tanja Reiffenrath, "The Personal is Theoretical: Knowledge about Health in Illness and Disability Memoirs." Workshop presentation: "Autobiography and the Production of Knowledge," University of Münster (American Studies).

2-3/2015. Research group "Digital and Cognitive Approaches to Graphic Narrative", directed by Alexander Dunst (Paderborn) and Jochen Laubrock (Potsdam), presents at DH Summit 2015, FU Berlin (3-4 March) and at the Annual Convention of the German-Speaking Digital Humanities Association (DHd) in Graz, Austria (25-27 February).

 2/2015. Miriam Strube: "Stereotype, Sex und Befreiung: Weiblichkeit in den Romanen Toni Morrisons." Literarischer Frauensalon, Café Röhren, Paderborn.

 2/2015. Christoph Ribbat: "Restaurants and the Art of Participant Observation." The History of American Foodways. GAAS Historians Conference. University of Erfurt.

 1/2015. Online workshop with Eric Jarosinski (NeinQuarterly): "The American Essay on Twitter".

 1/2015. Miriam Strube: "Schwarze Cowboys, Rote Helden: Soziale Bewegungen und ihre Spuren im 'Revisionist Western'". Conference "Law and Order." Evangelische Akademie Tutzing.

 1/2015. Paperback release: Simon Strick, American Dolorologies: Pain, Sentimentality, Biopolitics. SUNY Press (2014).

 1/2015. Guest lecture, Christian Klöckner (University of Bonn): Screening the Crises of Finance.

 12/2014. Guest lecture, Anthony Pinn (Rice University): Writing Black Bodies Into Existence: Religion and Subjectivity in Slave Narratives.

 11/2014. Alexander Dunst's monograph The Psychopolitics of Cold War Culture:  under contract with Routledge (series: "Routledge Studies in Cultural History").

 11/2014. Christoph Ribbat, conference paper (Looking Forward, 2014: Current Projects in American Studies, FU Berlin).

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 9/2014. Miriam Strube, conference paper: "Unreliable Echoes and Filmic Détournements: Filming the Other through Music." SERCIA Conference: Movies and Music: National and Transnational Approaches. Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands.

 9/2014: Workshop: Empirical Approaches to Comics. Literaturwerkstatt Berlin. Organizers: Alexander Dunst (Paderborn) and Jochen Laubrock (Potsdam) / BMBF Research Group "Digital and Cognitive Approaches to Graphic Narrative". Workshop program (pdf).

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 8/2014. Miriam Strube, conference paper: "Musical Interludes: Fighting Power in Chicana Soundscapes." International Association of Inter-American Studies Conference. Lima, Peru.

 6/2014. Guest lecture: Fabienne Collignon (University of Sheffield): "The Shining: Typewriter, Death Codes."

 6/2014. Guest lectures: William Merrill Decker (Oklahoma State University): "Never-Ending Journey: The Trope at the Heart of Barack Obama's Second Inaugural Address" and "Naturalized Identity and the Performance of Citizenship."

 6/2014. Guest lecture: Bryant Simon (Temple University): "Learning about America from Starbucks."

 6/2014. Alexander Dunst, Workshop participant: "Rupture Dynamics: Interrogating the Here and Now of Cultural Studies". University of Konstanz.

 6/2014. Miriam Strube, "Moments of Sudden Rightness: On the Fragility of Truth in Wallace Stevens' Poetry". Conference: The Pleasure of Doubt in Art, Aesthetics, and Everyday Life. Institute for Cultural Inquiry, Berlin.

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 4-6, 8-9/2014. Miriam Strube, Visiting Fellow, Princeton University.

 3/2014. Christoph Ribbat's essay "Tomorrow's Neon: A History" on : interactive online exhibition celebrating Hong Kong's neon signs (M +: Museum for visual culture, Hong Kong).

 3/2014. Miriam Strube (host): Cornel West (Princeton University / Union Theological Seminary): "Deep Democracy, Black Traditions, and the  American Empire". See also: Cornel West and Miriam Strube at Schloss Herrenhausen Philosophy Festival) and this SRF (Switzerland) TV Feature on Cornel West.

 3/2014. Conference: "Selected Fictions of the American South". Liborianum Paderborn. Organizer: Peter Freese / IfL Mülheim/Ruhr.

 2/2014. Peter Freese, Lecture and Workshop on Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five. Frankfurt.

 1/2014. Conference: Managing Popular Culture? Emergence, Strategy and the Development of Popular Phenomena, Karlshochschule International University, Karlsruhe. Co-Organizer: Lioba Foit.

 1/2014. Guest lecture by Prof. Günter Leypoldt (University of Heidelberg): "Specters of Feminization in Nineteenth-Century Literary Culture"

 1/2014. Guest lectures and a poetry workshop: Tim Wood (SUNY Nassau), Fulbright Junior Professor, University of Tübingen.

 11/2013. Guest lecture Scott Brooks (Department of Sociology, University of Missouri) and Kara Brooks (Visual Artist): Race, Politics, and Aging in American Churches. Ethnographic Notes from Two Cities; Scott Brooks: Why Black Men Can't Shoot (and Other Stories about American Basketball).

 11/2013. Conference; Cultures of Basketball, Humboldt University; Organizers: Eva Boesenberg (Humboldt Universität); Anke Ortlepp (LMU), Christoph Ribbat (Universität Paderborn).

 11/2013. Peter Freese named Honorary Member, German Association of American Studies.

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 9/2013. Lioba Foit, Presentation on Hipness and ‘Canadianness’: “Nameless Chic and National Identity”. 5th Global Conference: Fashion – Exploring Critical Issues, University of Oxford, Sept 9 - 12, 2013. Draft paper available online

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 06/2013. Miriam Strube, Response to Paul Croce's "Between Scientific and Sectarian Medicine", William James Between Childhood and Fame (William James Zentrum, Potsdam).

 3-6/2013. Tanja Reiffenrath, Scholarship, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for research at Columbia University in New York City, NY

 2/2013. Miriam Strube, "Pragmatism's Tragicomic Jazzman: Cornel West in Dialogue", in: Amerikastudien/American Studies 58.2 (2013).

 9/2011-1/2012. Daniela Babilon, Fulbright Scholarship for research at Columbia University in New York City, NY

 12/2012. Tanja Reiffenrath, Markus Wierschem, Fulbright scholarship, American Studies Institute "Contested Visions: The United States in 2012" in San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

 11/2012. Conference; "Worlds Out of Joint: Re-Imagining Philip K. Dick" (DFG-funded), University of Dortmund; conference Co-organizer: Alexander Dunst (University of Paderborn).

 11/2012. Alexander Dunst, "Quo Vadis Cultural Studies?" workshop, Humboldt University.

 7/2012. Tanja Reiffenrath, Sara Strauss, Forschungspreis der Stiftung der Dienstleistungsgruppe Salzkotten für Nachwuchswissenschaftler.

 6/2012. Conference; "Buying America: Literature and Consumption in the 19th Century"; Conveners: William Decker (Oklahoma State University), Nicole Maruo-Schröder (University of Koblenz); Christoph Ribbat (University of Paderborn)

 3-4/2012. Lioba Foit, Visiting Research Scholar, McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, Montréal.