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DSH courses

Time tables and rooms

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Language courses in preparation of the DSH

The University of Paderborn offers international applicants the opportunity to prepare linguistically in German language courses for the DSH as well as for the subsequent specialist studies.

Information on the participation requirements, application deadlines and costs can be found on the International Office website.

You can participate in the preparatory German courses on the following levels four times a year (January, April, July and October).

What is DSH?

The DSH is a language proficiency test required for university entrance.

It examines the necessary language competencies of international applicants at the C1 level in the areas of listening comprehension, reading comprehension, scientific structures, text production and oral expression. Applicants should be able to understand lectures, take notes, deal with subject-specific texts and prepare oral as well as written forms of presentation.

Curriculum DSH-Kurse

Prüfungen am Ende einer Kursstufe entscheiden jeweils über die Teilnahme an der nächsthöheren Kursstufe. Bei Nichtbestehen können Sie die nicht bestandene Niveaustufe unabhängig vom Ergebnis einmal wiederholen. Voraussetzung für weitere Versuche ist, dass Sie mindestens 57% der möglichen Prüfungsleistung erreichen.

Am Ende der Oberstufe steht die DSH, die viermal im Jahr (März, Juni, September, Dezember) abgelegt werden kann. Die bestandene DSH ist die Voraussetzung für eine Zulassung zum Fachstudium (s. DSH-Prüfungsordnung).

Alle DSH-Kurse der Universität Paderborn bieten Trainingseinheiten zu den Fertigkeiten Hörverstehen, Leseverstehen, Textproduktion und mündlicher Ausdruck. Die kommunikativen und linguistischen Ziele werden in den folgenden Tabellen dargestellt:


Performance requirements

Performance requirements


If the absence rate is above 25% the candidate has to do the oral examination.

mandatory attendance

For scholarship holders (DSH students who are financially supported), the rule is that the stipens is lost after a class absences of 10%. This also means that in this case, you can no longer participate the final exam.

Repetition of the language course

As a scholarship holder you have the opportunity to repeat the course level at least once. If you fail the final exam, you must have reached at least level 1 to attend the course level a third time. If you then fail again, you will not be able to continue attending DSH courses at the University of Paderborn.

If you fall ill or have other reasons for your absence, please provide a medical certificate or a certificate.

Exam format

The DSH consists of a written and an oral exam.

The written exam

It consists of three parts and is rated at a total of 70%:

1. Listening Comprehension (20%)

A text with 5500 to 7000 symbols is presented twice. You are allowed to take notes during the lecture. You should respond to questions in key words or your own phrasing, reflect essential content aspects, and/or present the idea of ​​the text. You have 10 minutes after the first lecture and 40 minutes after the second lecture.

2. Reading Comprehension (20%) and Science Structures (10%)

You edit a text with 4500 to 6000 symbols, which can also be accompanied by a graphic, a graph or a diagram. For this text you must recognize and paraphrase grammatical structures. This partial exam lasts about 90 minutes.

3. Text production (20%)

You write a text about a study-related and science-oriented topic in the range of about 250 words. As a requirement you will receive guidelines that must be integrate into your text. This part exam lasts 70 minutes.

Oral Exam

Exempt from the oral examination are candidates whose classroom performance were rated "very good" (at least 27 points) or "good" (at least 22.5 points).

The oral exam consists of one part and is graded at 30%.

You will give a short lecture on a topic for which you’ll get information in the form of a text, a chart, a graph or a diagram. Then discuss the topic with your examining partner. The oral exam lasts approx. 35 minutes (20 minutes preparation and 15 minutes in front of the Examination Commission).

Assessment of the examination result


DSH-1: at least 57% in both written (39.9 points) and oral (18.6 points) exams.

DSH-2: at least 67% in both written (46.9 points) and oral (22.5 points) exams.

DSH-3: at least 82% in both written (57.4 points) and oral (24.6 points) exams.

Admission to Studies

At the University of Paderborn, a total result of at least DSH-2 is a prerequisite for all Bachelor courses for admission to specialist studies. You can find information about the language requirements of other university courses here.

Can the exam be repeated?

The DSH can be repeated once.

With a DSH-1 result further repetitions are allowed.

Failed DSH at other universities will be considered in this procedure.


Here you will find the examination regulations.

[Translate to English:] Bewerbung für einen DSH Kurs

[Translate to English:]

Die Bewerbung für einen Platz im DSH Kurs erfolgt ausschließlich über das International Office.

Informationen zur Bewerbung (Antrag sowie notwendige Unterlagen) finden Sie auf der Homepage des International Office.

Bitte berücksichtigen Sie dort die Bewerbungsfristen:


Kursstart Juli 2019 Oktober 2019 Januar 2020 April 2020
Bewerbungsfristen 15.02.2019 15.05.2019 15.08.2019 15.11.2019

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