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Student Project "Challenges of Plurality"

Within my seminar, philosophy students had an opportunity to contribute to the conference by developing projects related to some of the problems prominent in our program. Their creative contributions enrich our event not only by opening it to voices of yet another academic group, but especially due to their high quality, which the participants can really be proud of.

Here you will find an overview of their projects. The outcome will be presented at the conference.

Maria Robaszkiewicz

Art Project: Two Sides of the Same Coin

In our project, we join creative art with philosophical theory. A piece of art presented during the conference in L-Foyer is dedicated to Hannah Arendts theory of totalitarianism. Through a QR-code, you will be able to read our theoretical reflection referring to this artwork, based on Arendt's Origins of Totalitarianism, as well as a short text describing the experience of creating it [click].

Daniel Docter & Fabian Binkowski

Panel Discussion: The Arendtian Perspective on Human Rights and its Relevance in Present-day Contexts

In our panel discussion, we want to find out, if the Arendtian perspective on Human Rights can contribute to our modern world.

We speak to Professor Linda Zerilli, Professor Ayten Gündoğdu and Professor Christian Volk about the foundation of the Human Rights, the Arendtian concept of the right to have rights and personal responsibility for securing human rights.

Yannik Röhr, Matthias Starosta, Barbara Fischer

Interview: Hannah Arendt and Challenges for Refugees and Migrants

Hannah Arendt published her essay We refugees 75 years ago, yet it seems to be of great relevance today. In an interview with Marieke Borren and Robert Kunath, we will discuss Hannah Arendt’s theory in its historical context, but also with particular attention to current state of affairs regarding migration.

Angelika Peplinski & Tim Teichert

Video Project: Spearheading the Bubble of Social Media: Acting and Chatting in a Public Space

Our project is a short video exploring the question of how Hannah Arendt might act on social media. The exchange shown in the video was inspired by her reflections concerning thinking and populism.

You can watch the video here.

Thomas Brandt & Christopher Drewes

Die Universität der Informationsgesellschaft