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| Heike M. Buhl

Neue Publikation zum Übergang Studierender in den Beruf

This longitudinal study addresses the role of support given by parents and peers during the transition from university to work life. A sample of 64 German university students in their last year at the university completed scales from the Network of Relationships Inventory regarding general support, namely, instrumental aid and intimacy with mothers, fathers, romantic partners, and friends. Four years later, they assessed domain-specific support when looking for work, namely, joint exploration and instrumental support. Participants perceived receiving both types of support from all significant others. However, joint exploration was more important than instrumental support. They felt especially supported by romantic partners. Women received more support than did men. Both types of domain-specific support were explained by general modes of support assessed 4 years earlier. Whether parents, friends, and partners were perceived as helpful during the transition was explained mainly by joint exploration. Again, support from a partner was seen as especially helpful in contrast to help from parents and friends. The special significance of joint exploration underlines the benefit of counseling at the transition from university to work life.


Buhl, H. M., Noack, P. & Kracke, B. (2017). The role of parents and peers in the transition from university to work life. Journal of Career Development, Online First. DOI:



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