Lehr­ver­an­stal­tun­gen seit 23/24

American Photography
Football/Soccer and 21st Century Culture
Sleep and Cultural Studies
Writing and/as Therapy

U.S. Political Culture
American Literature in the 2020s
Sports & Society
Poetry & Popular Culture



Courses taught (UPB)

Term Papers
How to write a term paper (University of Mannheim guidelines; except for a few Mannheim-specific points, useful for UPB students)
ABCs of Style (specific pointers for formatting term papers, U Mannheim guidelines, highly useful for UPB students)

Oral Exams M.Ed.
Informationen mündliche Prüfungen M.Ed. GyGe und BK
Informationen mündliche Prüfungen M. Ed. G und HRSGe
Anmeldeformular mündliche Prüfungen M.Ed.
Guidelines: what to expect in oral exams