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Kinder beim Lesen, Malen, Spielen und Schreiben.

Foto: AG Büker

Primary School Pedagogy and Early Education

Prof. Dr. Petra Büker

We would like to welcome you to the pages of the research team on Primary School Pedagogy and Early Education. The main focus of our work in research and teaching is children and their educational and learning processes. In particular, we ask for the conditions and concepts of a child-centred pedagogy in kindergarten and primary school. Therefore, the children’s perspective is an important issue – also in relation to questions concerning the professionalization of pedagogical practitioners and trainers of advanced education. Basic research and practical research characterize our profile in the following work priorities:

  • The child being a competent actor/ child-centred pedagogy
  • Participation of children in kindergarten and primary school
  • Peer interaction in kindergarten and primary school
  • Transition processes from kindergarten to primary school
  • Transition processes from primary school to secondary school
  • Multiprofessional teamwork (link)
  • Documentation of learning processes
  • Heterogeneity, intersectionality, interculturality and inclusion
  • Research-based learning in teacher’s training
  • Participatory research with children / children’s perspectives
  • Connecting inclusion and digitalization in teacher’s training

Prof. Dr. Petra Büker 
Primary School Pedagogy and Early Education 

Phone: +49 5251 60-3079
E-mail: petra.bueker(at)upb(dot)de
Office: H5.134
Web: Homepage


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