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to the web pages of the working group "Educational Psychology and Developmental Psychology with Consideration of Gender Studies".

The subject of Educational Psychology is learning and teaching, socialisation, upbringing and education in school, family and other contexts. Developmental Psychology deals with changes in experience and behaviour over the life span. We work on both areas in research and teaching, taking gender research into account.

The Department of Educational and Developmental Psychology at Paderborn University is headed by Prof. Dr. Heike M. Buhl.


Graduates of psychology studies and teacher training with different focuses in research, teaching, and transfer work closely together in the team.


With topics from Educational Psychology and Developmental Psychology, the teaching is aimed primarily at students in the educational science programme of all teaching professions as well as students of the teaching subjects psychology and education as well as the two-subject Bachelor's degree and Master's degree in education science and the Gender Master's degree. Read more on the study page.


We are involved in teaching and research at the CoAI Joint Research Centre:


The research work of the department lies at the interface of Developmental Psychology and Educational Psychology with a fundamental interest on the one hand in family psychological topics in different age groups, and on the other hand in competence acquisition. The background for many of the questions is linguistic and cognitive psychological work on perspective taking and partner models, e.g. in reading, explaining, professional cooperation, private interactions, etc.

  • With regard to the family as an educational context, we are interested in the acquisition of written language as well as learning with and via digital media in the cooperation between home and school.
  • For students, especially those studying to become teachers, we investigate and promote the development of cross-disciplinary competences and, in particular, competences related to digitalisation.
  • With regard to the relationship between adults and their parents, we ask about the influence of values and attitudes on the shaping of the relationship.
  • A perspective of language psychology allows us to analyse partner and technical models in explaining.



Herkunftsbedingte und sprachliche Einflüsse bei der häuslichen Internetnutzung von Kindern
L. Richter, N. Gruchel, H.M. Buhl, A.-M. Kamin, MedienPädagogik: Zeitschrift für Theorie und Praxis der Medienbildung 20 (2023) 293–319.
A mixed-methods study of the quality of parental support during adolescents' information-related Internet use as a co-construction process
R. Kurock, J. Teichert, D.M. Meister, L. Gerhardts, H.M. Buhl, S. Bonanati, Journal of Adolescence 1 (2023).
Digitale häusliche Lernumgebung: Prädiktoren und Effekte elterlicher Unterstützung beim Lernen mit digitalen Medien
S. Bonanati, H.M. Buhl, L. Gerhardts, A.-M. Kamin, D. Meister, Medienimpulse 60 (2022).
Förderung von motivierenden Gesprächsstrategien im Elterngespräch. Workshop für Lehrkräfte und Studierende
J. Hilkenmeier, C. Greiner, S. Bonanati, H.M. Buhl, Journal für LehrerInnenbildung 22 (2022) 40–51.
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Pädagogische Psychologie und Entwicklungspsychologie

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