Korea In­sti­tute of Sci­ence and Tech­no­logy In­form­a­tion

With the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI), the Paderborn University and especially the Department of Business Informatics have been able to win an internationally renowned partner for an extensive research cooperation. The state-funded KISTI in the metropolis of Daejeon is South Korea's leading research institute in the field of information technologies. The main focus is on promoting national competitiveness in science and technology. Through its strong practical orientation, KISTI is able to put customer benefit at the center of its research efforts and thus to be innovative and pioneering. The different focus of the cooperation partners offers the ideal starting point for a long-term exchange of knowledge and experience.

In July 2013, the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding created a basis for cooperation that defines common research cornerstones and contains the framework conditions for a student exchange programme. The first students of the Paderborn University left for South Korea in 2014.

You can find the KISTI online at: http://en.kisti.re.kr. In the following you will find further information about the research internship and the cooperation so far. For specific information, please contact Prof. Dr. Geierhos.

Stay Abroad

The Computer Intelligence Research Department at the renowned Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI) is constantly looking for highly motivated interns from the student community. The primary goal is to involve the students in current research projects and to provide support. The research projects include Big Data, Semantic Web, Text Mining and Technology Intelligence. Students are given the opportunity to publish their own research work with the help of experienced doctoral students.


The internship is for Bachelor, Master and PhD students of the Paderborn University.

  • The duration of the internship is typically between one and six months. Due to high flexibility in the start and end dates, individual stays are also possible on request.
  • During the internship, students receive a scholarship, the amount depends on their level of education and working hours.


The aim of the internship is to enable a mutual exchange of experience and knowledge. Students at KISTI are supported as follows:

  • A supervisor helps to develop project-specific goals and plan a strategy
  • Coordinators ensure the smooth running of the internship and are available to help with any questions
  • A mentoring program facilitates the exchange between students and an experienced researcher


Please address your application to the programme officer (ongoing, no deadline). Please indicate your desired semester and the desired duration and add

  • a current grade chart, and
  • a letter of motivation (max. two DIN A4 pages).

The application can be sent by e-mail (as a PDF attachment).

Field Re­ports

PeriodAuthorField of activity at KISTIReport
04/14- 06/14Frederik B.,
Master student
Data Hub, insb. Disambiguierung,
Entwicklung und Datenakquise
04/14- 06/14Jens W.,
PhD student
Prescriptive AnalyticsDownload
07/14- 09/14Christian M.,
PhD student
Prescriptive Analytics,
math. Optimierung
10/16- 12/16Joschka K.,
Master student
Advanced Information Convergence,
SMEs Innovation
Further information:


A look back

In the following you will find information about the cooperation so far

1st Research Workshop

April 2013

First joint research workshop in Paderborn

Memorandum of Understanding …

July 2013

Signing of the cooperation agreement including joint research cornerstones

2nd Research Workshop

September 2013

Second joint research workshop in Paderborn

3rd Research Workshop

November 2013

The third joint research workshop at HNI Paderborn

Visiting KISTI 2014

April to June 2014

Students of the Paderborn University do research in South Korea

Contact Trip 2016

November 2016

Research Exchange & Cooperation Talks at KISTI

Visiting KISTI 2016

October to
December 2016

Master student at a research internship in South Korea

Guest at the UPB 2016/17 …

December 2016
to March 2017

Master student at the research internship at the UPB