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Paderborn University hosts one of the largest media studies departments in Germany. We offer a highly interdisciplinary program with courses ranging from the humanities (media theory and history, film studies, media sociology, media and education, media aesthetics, television studies, digital and mobile media) to media economics and computer science. The focus lies primarily on critical studies of media and popular culture; quantitative methods are taught as well. To complement their research and analysis, students can choose classes in media practice, do internships and work on short and longer-term projects. In a constantly and rapidly changing media landscape we provide students with a solid foundation of enduring criteria for critical analysis as well as relevant expertise to successfully enter all media-related professions.



Wichtige Hinweise

Hier finden Sie wichtige Informationen zum Ablauf des Sommersemesters 2024 und das kommentierte Vorlesungsverzeichnis in den Medienwissenschaften.

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