The Notion of Free Will as a Key Theological Concept. A Critical Engagement with Libertarianism, Determinism and Compatibilism

The research project, which is funded by the German Research Assocation (DFG), aims at a philosophically as well as theologically justified notion of free will. Its main topics are:

  • A critical analysis of contemporary debates in (analytic) philosophy on the concept of free will (libertarianism, determinism, compatibilism)
  • A discursive mediation between various forms of thought and approaches towards the debates on free will, especially from analytic and transcendental philosophy
  • A reconstruction and critical analysis of contemporary theological concepts of free will
  • A formulation of a coherent theological notion of free will which takes into account both philosophical and theological insights in the debates on free will

Project leaders:
Prof. Dr. Klaus von Stosch
Prof. Dr. Saskia Wendel

Research assistants:
Dr. Martin Breul
Dr. Aaron Langenfeld


Duration of the project: 2015-2018