What would you like to study?

We appreciate your interest in our study programme and hope to be able to provide you with comprehensive information in as many areas as possible.

Most of the relevant information on the degree programme (coursework to be completed, formal regulations, etc.) can be found in the examination regulations, which are divided into two fields:

  • General provisions: These are valid across all interdisciplinary subjects (general conditions of the degree programme).
  • Subject-specific regulations: These are related to the specific subject area (module descriptions, study plans, etc.).

Study pro­grammes

In addition to a subject area in Education Studies (two-subject Bachelor/Master of Arts), you can study all teaching subjects (Bachelor/Master of Education) with us. We cooperate closely with the numerous specialised didactics departments and thePLAZ Professional School of Education(here you will also find a wealth of information on the teaching degree programmes).

The respective subject advisors are available to answer specific questions.