Education and upbringing under the conditions of changing societies

At our institute, we focus on pedagogical developments and contexts that are viewed from social, educational policy, historical, economic and technical perspectives, among others.

The question of current and future pedagogical challenges and tasks, not only across the entire lifespan, but also taking into account changing societies, permeates the entire structure of our institute in teaching and research. In accordance with the complexity of the subject matter and the thematic breadth, a variety of approaches are required.

Work­ing and re­search groups

Currently, 18 (junior) professors and more than 80 employees in science and administration teach, research and work at our institute. In addition to our main location on campus in the H-building, there are further groups in the Technology Park.

Within the groups, we deal with specific perspectives in the context of education, which are always related to each other in a cooperative manner. Our research strength is also demonstrated by the third-party funding we have acquired, the diversity of our funding institutions and our regional, national and international networks.


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Study with us

For a sustainable and just future in which we all enjoy living and working, we not only need innovative and clever ideas, but also people who can work on current topics and issues in the context of education and training in the spirit of science. Accordingly, we would be delighted if we could accompany your studies and your qualification path a little and come up with new ideas and thoughts together with you.

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Institute secretariat: Room H5.313

Barbara Bernard (extension -2945)
Tanja Hermelingmeier (extension - 3373)
Service office for employees

If you cannot find us, please contact us by phone or e-mail(sekretariat-ew(at)upb(dot)de).
There is a post box for documents on H5 in the connecting corridor between rooms H5.119 and H5.319.