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Vor­trag von Prof. Den­nis Hirota

Am 08. Juli von 10-12 Uhr findet ein Vortrag von Prof. Dennis Hirota (Ryūkoku Universität Kyōto) mit dem Titel "On Religious Engagement: Shinran and Heidegger’s Paul" statt. Interessierte können sich bei Sarah Lebock (sarahleb(at)campus.upb(dot)de) anmelden, um den Link zu erhalten.

On 08 July from 10-12 a.m., Prof. Dennis Hirota (Ryūkoku University Kyōto) will give a talk with the title "On Religious Engagement: Shinran and Heidegger's Paul". If you wish to attend, please send a message to Sarah Lebock (sarahleb(at)campus.uni-paderborn(dot)de) to receive the Zoom link.



In order to suggest an alternative to methods of Shin
Buddhist-Christian dialogue that focus on doctrinal comparison, I will
discuss a number of analogous elements in Shinran’s delineation of the
Pure Land Buddhist path and Heidegger’s early lecture course
“Introduction to the Phenomenology of Religion,” which presents a
reading of the earliest letters of Paul. Noting the constellation of
similar approaches, concerns, and conceptual motifs found in Shinran
and Heidegger may help to articulate the significance of various
elements of Shinran’s delineation of the religious path, and also
identify a trajectory of thought that unifies those elements.