Psychological assessment and intervention with a focus on inclusive educational settings


Our research team is home to specializations of both educational and clinical psychologists. We are united by shared passions of personal development, learning, and teaching in higher education.

Our research activities center upon applied research in the field of learning and personal development in school settings and post-secondary institutions. The primary focus of our research is…

  • Self-management (in particular procrastination, self-regulated learning in higher education, emotion regulation in demanding and stressful situations)
  • Promoting personal and self-development through supportive means of counseling, coaching and training

Across all fields of research, we conduct assessments, interventions, and evaluations from an educational-psychological perspective.

The teaching we provide is targeted for students in all education programs, whether it is the general teaching profession or in special needs education. In addition, we offer opportunities for thesis papers on various research topics for students enrolled in these fields.





ProLernen is a university counseling center that focuses on procrastination, motivation, and self-regulated learning during your studies. If you often have problems starting your assignments on time, procrastinating on tasks that you don't like or have difficulties concentrating on your work, then our services are perfect for you!

You can find out more here.



Prof. Dr. Katrin B. Klingsieck

Psychologische Diagnostik und Förderung mit dem Schwerpunkt Inklusive Bildung

Room H4.147
Paderborn University
Warburger Str. 100
33098 Paderborn

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