Neuerscheinung: "Delphi-Technique as a method for research on professional learning" (Harteis, 2022)

Harteis, C. (2022). Delphi-Technique as a method for research on professional learning. In M. Goller, E. Kyndt, S. Paloniemi, & C. Damşa (Hrsg.), Methods for researching professional learning and development: Challenges, applications, and empirical illustrations (S. 351-371). Springer.


The Delphi-technique, named after the antique Greek oracle, is one of the most important means to predict the future and is, thus, an important tool for research and also for educational research, particularly research on professional learning. This chapter describes the characteristics of the Delphi-technique, particularly its iterative approach that avoids group dynamic biases. The chapter explores its major (dis)advantages against other forecast methods and describes major requirements for a Delphi-study, e.g. appropriate sample sizes. Then, an exemplary Delphi-study on the area of professional learning will be presented in very short. Finally, suggestions will be presented addressing researchers that consider conducting a Delphi-study.


Forecast, Group discussion, Experts

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