Re­search fo­cus

The research focus of our team is on educational management and educational research in the area of further education. This includes professional development and learning processes both in institutionalised (e.g., training courses) and non-institutionalised (e.g., workplaces) learning environments.

Previous and on-going research projects:

  • Epistemic beliefs and their effect on the learning processes in the workplace
  • Learning from mistakes/errors
  • Intuition as a component of expertise
  • Agency at work / Agentic development
  • Efficacy of further education courses (trainings)
  • Workplace curricula in health domains
  • Individual and social influences on professional learning
  • Digitalisation of work
  • Commitment to change
  • Learning and workplace cultures

You can find more information about our current research on the following pages: collaborations, projects and publications. Information about the Journal of Vocations and Learning and the Springer book series on Professional and Practice-based learning, which are both edited by Prof. Dr. Christian Harteis, can be found under editorship.

Arbeit 4.0 NRW Fortschrittskolleg

The working group on educational management and educational research takes part in the PhD-Program "Gestaltung von flexiblen Arbeitswelten - Menschenzentrierte Nutzung von Cyber-Physical Systems in Industrie 4.0". The focus of this program is the industrial change to digital working environments. Further information can be found at the PhD-Program.