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Group photo taken in Regensburg Bildinformationen anzeigen
Planning of future activities Bildinformationen anzeigen
Group photo taken in Leuven Bildinformationen anzeigen
Final discussion in Leuven Bildinformationen anzeigen
Group photo taken in Mannheim Bildinformationen anzeigen
Bildinformationen anzeigen

Group photo taken in Regensburg

Foto: Dagmar Festner

Planning of future activities

Foto: Dagmar Festner

Group photo taken in Leuven

Foto: Dagmar Festner

Final discussion in Leuven

Foto: Michael Goller

Group photo taken in Mannheim

Foto: Jürgen Seifried

Professional Development Research Network (PDRnet)

PDRnet is a network of scholars interested in researching professional learning and development processes both in educational and workplace settings. In total, PDRnet consists of 24 researchers from 12 different universities in 5 countries. We meet annually for a three day research symposium in which young researchers (graduate students, doctoral students, and Post-Docs) present their ongoing research projects to the participating PDRnet members. The meeting is also used to work on current research collaborations as well as to initiate new research projects.

At the moment the following scholars are members of PDRnet:

University Country Scholars
University of Antwerp Belgium Prof. Dr. David Gijbels
Katrien Cuyvers, MSc.
Prof. Dr. Eva Kyndt
University of Dresden Germany Prof. Dr. Stephan Abele
University of Gothenburg Sweden Dr. Markus Nivala
University of Hohenheim Germany Prof. Dr. Julia Warwas
University of Koblenz-Landau Germany Prof. Dr. Josef Strasser
University of Konstanz  Germany  Jun.- Prof. Dr. Stefanie Findeisen
University of Mannheim Germany Prof. Dr. Viola Deutscher
Prof. Dr. Andreas Rausch
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Seifried
Alexander Brodsky, MSc.
Stefanie Zutavern, MSc.
University of Paderborn Germany Prof. Dr. Christian Harteis
Dr. Carina Caruso
Dr. Dagmar Festner
Dr. Michael Goller
Bianca Steffen, M.A.
University of Regensburg Germany Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans Gruber
Dr. Helen Jossberger
University of Stuttgart Germany Prof. Dr. Kristina Kögler
University of Turku Finland Prof. Dr. Erno Lehtinen
Dr. Tuire Palonen
Swinburne University Australia Prof. Dr. Eva Kyndt

 The following table lists all past meetings of PDRnet:

Year University Country
2021 Cancelled due to Covid pandemic  
2020 University of Antwerp Belgium
2019 University of Koblenz-Landau Germany
2018 University of Paderborn Germany
2017 University of Regensburg Germany
2016 University of Leuven Belgium
2015 University of Mannheim Germany
2014 University of Bamberg Germany
2013 University of Paderborn Germany
2011 University of Regensburg Germany

 The next meeting will take place in Gothenburg. 

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