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"All the world’s a stage" – William Shakespeare, "As You Like It" 

Welcome to the website of the Department of MusicDidactics.MusicalTheater_Praxis.Research

The Department is deals with conception, scientific research and practical testing of musical appropriation processes as well as learning and educational processes in schools, universities, extracurricular and non-formal settings. This also and especially applies to the area of further musical education and advanced training of students and teachers of all school types. Music is understood as both, a traditional form of artistic expression and embodiment and as a vital everyday cultural practice in an increasingly plural and heterogeneously structured society.

In addition to musical theater and scenic music in all its artistic form of performance and types of media presentation(e. g. theater, music, film, video, live staging, stage performance), the primary focus of the common research interest centres around digital and popular cultural music praxis. Staging concepts for very own musical theater projects and performances find consideration, too. When developing and researching music-related mediation concepts, the diversity of musical or music-cultural manifestations and praxis as well as the diversity of music makers and musicians, actors and recipients are always taken into account.

International and interdisciplinary applied research requires diverse personal contacts, authentic cultural participation andexperience as well as a lively professional discourse. This is promoted by the Department offering regular study excursions, field trips, stays abroad, cross-border cooperation as well as conferences and guest lectures by renowned experts.

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