Postdoc - And now?


Shaping transitions (together) - organising the postdoc phase as a joint life and career phase


Have you recently become a postdoc and are wondering how to organise this new role? Would you like to consciously reflect on and plan your future career (in academia or outside academia)? Then register for the "Postdoc - And now?" programme! programme !

The "Postdoc - And now?" programme programme is aimed at all postdocs at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and aims to provide a framework for orientation and career support at the beginning of the postdoc phase in the form of individual one-to-one consultations. A central topic will be the exchange on role perceptions and related questions of career organisation, which are particularly important in the early postdoc phase (1-2 years after the doctorate).

The programme consists of counselling sessions with professors from your own faculty and accompanying and preparatory counselling sessions with Dr. Anda-Lisa Harmening. The counselling by Dr. Anda-Lisa Harmening focuses on reflecting on your current situation with a view to possible career paths. The counselling provided by professors focuses on academic career paths. Both counselling formats combine to form a counselling concept that is intended to provide the most comprehensive orientation and support possible for the start of the postdoc phase so that you can make conscious decisions with regard to your career.

Interested? Then please get in touch with Dr. Anda-Lisa Harmening. You can register for the programme at any time.


Programme objectives:

  • Networking of the postdocs participating in the programme
  • Orientation in the early postdoc phase
  • Support with career planning
  • Awareness of own roles in the context of self-image and science


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