Shad­ow­ing of re­search as­sist­ants (WiMis) by doc­tor­al can­did­ates


Are you interested in doing a doctorate at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities? Take a look over the shoulder of a WiMi for a day!

If you would like to support students interested in doing a doctorate at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, why not take a look over your shoulder as a WiMi for a day?


Teaching, committee work, academic management, managing student assistants and research - research assistants have different and usually varied tasks depending on their affiliation to an institute/field. Employment as a research assistant in combination with a doctoral or postdoctoral project is still a possible form of employment and funding for researchers in qualification phases.

The programme Shadowing WiMi's of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities aims to enable students interested in doing a doctorate to gain insights into the activities of academic staff and researchers in qualification phases. As part of this programme, for example, a member of academic staff takes a student on a one-day visit to their everyday working and research life, reports on their upcoming tasks and thus provides an insight into working as an academic staff member.

Interested? Please get in touch with Dr. Anda-Lisa Harmening or Dr. Julia Steinhausen.

Flow­charts of the Shad­ow­ing Pro­gramme

Schedule for students:

Schedule for academic staff (WiMis):

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Dr. Julia Steinhausen

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