Shadowing Research Assistants (WiMis) as a student interested in pursuing a PhD


Are you a student interested in doing a PhD at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities? Shadow a research assistant for a day!

Are you a research assistant who would like to support students interested in doing a PhD at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities? Let students shadow you for a day!


Teaching, committee work, managing student assistants, and conducting research – research assistants have different and often diverse tasks, depending on their department or field. Employment as a research assistant in combination with a doctoral or postdoctoral project is still a possible form of employment and financing for researchers in qualification phases.

The program Shadowing Research Assistants of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities aims to provide students interested in a doctoral degree with insights into the work of research assistants and researchers in qualification phases. As part of the program, a research assistant might take a student with them for a day, sharing their daily work and research routine, talking about their current tasks, and in this way giving the student an insight into their work as a research assistant.

Interested? Please contact Dr. Anda-Lisa Harmening or Dr. Julia Steinhausen.

Flowcharts of the Shadowing Programme

Schedule for students:

Schedule for academic staff (WiMis):

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Dr. Julia Steinhausen

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