Di­gi­tal Hu­ma­ni­ties

The transdisciplinary field of the digital humanities brings together literary and cultural studies, as well as aspects of corpus and computer linguistics, with approaches drawn from computer science. While all students and scholars work digitally today, from searching academic databases to writing with the help of word processors, the digital humanities employ and develop computational methods to preserve, analyze and disseminate the cultural record. Research activities within this field include the annotation of (literary) texts and visual media, the quantitative study of linguistic, literary and cultural change, the development of online archives and library resources, 3D modelling, and critical approaches towards artificial intelligence. Faculty members active in this research area are:

Prof. Dr. Ilka Mindt

Dr. Alexander Dunst

In addition to teaching digital approaches to English literature, culture, and linguistics in the BA and MA degree courses, the English department contributes to the MA in Digital Humanities. The field is also one of the key research areas of Paderborn University, which hosted the Annual Meeting of the German-Speaking Digital Humanities Association (DHd) in 2020. Current research and teaching projects in the digital humanities include participation in the AI-Campus (Prof. Dr. Mindt) and follow-on projects from the early-career research group “Hybrid Narrativity“ (Dr. Dunst).