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Good reasons to join the GKW alumni network:

  • Get in touch with alumni with PhDs in our network who have pursued career paths outside academia or in fields close to academia and benefit from the experiences they can share with you
  • Establish contact with people in non-academic career fields, possibly even with specific companies or foundations

In our KOMO course you can find various portraits of Paderborn University alumni who are happy to get into contact, advise you on possible career paths and share their own experiences with applications. You can contact them directly on KOMO. Are there any further questions? Dr. Anda-Lisa Harmening will be happy to advise you.

KOMO course of the alumni network at GKW

"Look for career paths outside academia early on."

Anna-Lena Berscheid completed her doctorate in sociology at the Graduate School NRW (Forschungskolleg NRW). In this interview, she talks about her experiences during the doctoral phase and why she decided to pursue a career outside academia. The interview is only available in German.


Dr. Anda-Lisa Harmening

Graduate Center of the Faculty of Arts and Humanites

Consultations for PhD-Students and Postdocs

Anda-Lisa  Harmening
+49 5251 60-3913

Office hours:

Sie erreichen mich telefonisch oder per E-Mail und können gerne individuelle Beratungstermine mit mir vereinbaren. Ich freue mich auf unsere Gespräche!

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