Pos­sible stays abroad dur­ing the postdoc phase

The postdoc phase offers many opportunities to realize a stay abroad, for example as a research or teaching stay, for initiating or expanding collaborations, as well as gaining special expertise abroad.

We are happy to support you with information and consultation regarding opportunities of international mobility.

You want to teach a block seminar at Istanbul University? Or maybe do some team teaching with a colleague from Madrid? How about inviting a French NGO representative to teach at Paderborn University?

Erasmus+ makes all of this possible and also funds short stays abroad for guest lecturers. As a guest lecturer your stay abroad contributes to strengthening the European dimension of the host university, broadens the course content and enables you to share your experiences with colleagues in teaching and research (STA1).  It is also possible to invite members of staff from companies in the ERASMUS program countries to come and teach at Paderborn (STA2).

The International Office team will provide you with consultation and further information.


Interested in job shadowing the PR spokesperson at the Universidad de Vigo for one week? Want to exchange experiences with librarians from all over Europe at a staff training event in Helsinki? How about freshening up your English skills at a language school in Limerick?

The Erasmus program funds further training and educational measures in Europe (Erasmus region) for academic and non-academic staff in many ways:

Individual, self-organized stays at (partner) universities

  • Job shadowing in your own or a related area of work

Participation in a staff training week

  • Staff training weeks are group events organized by universities that usually last one week.

Further training (not at a university)

  • Language courses
  • Further training in areas such as project management, third-party funding etc.
  • Job shadowing at a company/organization

The International Office team will provide you with consultation and further information.

The new Erasmus+ program from the European Union “Mobility with Partner Countries” (Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility), provides financial support for mobility for teaching purposes (STA) to selected non-European universities. Teaching staff from these selected universities can also be funded if this has been contractually agreed.

In the framework of this program Paderborn University cooperates with the partner countries Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Cameroon, Cuba, Togo, Tunisia and Vietnam.

The International Office team will provide you with consultation and further information.

If you are interested in a stay abroad for research purposes, please contact the experts of the Research & Consultancy Division of Paderborn University for consultation and information.


Many of our collaborations with partner universities are the result of personal contacts and thrive on encounters between colleagues. In recent years, some of our lecturers have been able to use their connections to colleagues at universities abroad for new cooperation agreements.

If you wish to travel to an existing or potential new partner university, you can apply for funding from the International Office.

Reasons for networking trips to universities in Europe or overseas

  • the Initiation of a new collaboration or an expansion or extension of a contract
  • providing intensive support to a partner university due to its high importance for Paderborn University (e.g. high outgoing numbers and/or significantly more outgoings than incoming)
  • a concrete need for clarification

The team of the International Office will provide you with consultation and further information.

Further information will follow


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