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(Regular) events of the Graduate Center

The Graduate Center organizes regular independent events as well as events planned in cooperation with our institutions or departments. Find further information and learn about previous events by clicking the boxes below.

Please note that events are usually held in German.

The Graduate Week takes place once a year during Lesewoche (reading week/Pentecost week) and is organized in cooperation with the Graduate Forum of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (Graduiertenforum KW).

The Information and Discussion Event on the WissZeitVG (German law on fixed-term contracts in academia) takes place once every semester and is organized in cooperation with the the German Education Union (GEW) and the Academic Staff Council (WPR).

The event Informal Knowledge about the Higher Education System takes place once a semester. Invited postdocs and professors speak on topics such as career paths, informal codes of the higher education system, networking, etc.

The Subject-Specific Funding Consultation is provided by professors of the respective subjects and offers subject-specific consultation on funding for qualification projects.

Twice a year, the Graduate Center invites cultural studies scholars who have received a doctorate from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities to share their career paths.

This event features lecturers representing funding organizations and members of the Committee for Research and Junior Academics of Paderborn University. In a relaxed atmosphere, they are available to talk to PhD students about funding opportunities, deadlines, and further information on how to apply for scholarships.

Event Calendar

Graduate Center event calendar (only available in German).
User notes (only available in German).


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