MA English and American (Literary and Cultural) Studies

The Master of Arts English and American (Literary and Cultural) Studies explores the literature and cultures of English-speaking regions and is combined with language training and job-related education as well as mandatory practical experiences.

The literature seminars range from medieval times to contemporary English and American writing and cover various genres within fiction and non-fiction. In cultural studies, we offer visual arts classes which examine different media such as photography, art, film or music as well as case studies and broader overviews of more general cultural phenomena. The examples are always discussed within their historical, political, sociological, narratological and other relevant contexts in order to grasp and comprehend larger literary and cultural developments and impacts. Previous seminar topics include: American Philosophy, Modernist American Poetry, Old and Middle English Literature and Culture, Contemporary British Fiction and Postmodernism, Victorian Culture, American Sounds, Death Poetry, British Art, Basketball and American Culture, Shakespeare’s Stage, Urban Studies, Gender and Power in the American Theatre, Dementia, Postcoloniality, Trump’s America, Brexit and many more.

Our language courses (Oral Communication, Academic Writing, and Language Consolidation) provide advanced level English language practice. All our classes (including seminars) are strictly taught in English and aim to foster language skills at a professional level.

In addition to our academic and language education, the programme also features a “Studium Generale” module in which you can acquire additional knowledge by choosing classes from other departments at the Paderborn University.

In order to provide practical experience, our programme moreover consists of an internship module, a tutorial, and one study-abroad semester. In the internship module, you are expected to complete a six-week internship in an English-speaking country for a company or institution of your choice. We encourage you to choose an occupational field which will help prepare you for your future career. At the Paderborn University, the students are obliged to teach a BA level tutorial within English and American literature, culture or practical language training, which is meant to give an insight into teaching at university level and thus provide the first steps into a potential career in academia. The final section of our programme, before you complete your studies with a Master’s thesis, consists of studying in an English-speaking country for one semester. There are numerous exchange programmes and more informal contacts which can help you in finding a suitable institution for this semester.

  • No German language knowledge is required for this programme (we recommend to beginners to attend German language courses as part of the “Studium Generale” module).
  • A Bachelor’s degree in English and American Studies (students who have completed their degree in related fields are also welcome to apply; depending on their background in English and American Studies they might have to complete additional courses before beginning the programme)
  • Minimum result 2.3 according to the German grading system (or equivalent)
  • Proof of advanced knowledge and use of the English language (TOEFL-Score of 250 points computer-based test/ Cambridge Advanced Certificate graded A and B or Cambridge Proficiency Certificate graded A, B or C as well as level C1 Certificate/ IELTS-Score 7.0 Academic Module)
  • Start date of studies: both winter and summer term (for application deadlines see How To Apply)

English Translation of the Exam Regulations (Prüfungsordnung)

Download translated exam regulations (Prüfungsordnung)

(This document and the information given here are not legally binding and only provide an English translation of the official Prüfungsordnung.)


Checklist MA English and American Literary and Cultural Studies

This checklist is intended to give you an overview on all modules, courses and examinations you need to study and/or pass in the master’s program English and American Literary and Cultural Studies.

Module Structure English and American Literary and Cultural Studies