Master of Arts Programmes in English and American Studies

Welcome to our English and American Master of Arts study programmes at the Paderborn University. Our university offers two excellent and wide-ranging programmes for both Germany-based and international students in the field of English and American literature and culture. The courses—taught in our diverse department—cover all periods of English and American literature and offer insights into theoretical approaches in regard to literary and cultural theory. Our programmes indeed, stand out due to the in-depth knowledge we provide about cultural studies, focussing on past as well as contemporary issues that concern English-speaking environments. We invite guest speakers and organize conferences on a regular basis to make academic work and research accessible to our students on top of an extensive collection of books and e-resources in the library. 

This stimulating learning environment is further enriched by extra-curricular activities in the form of student and staff-run clubs and workshops. Further details are available on our Facebook page.

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We would be happy to welcome you to Paderborn—don't hesitate to become part of a great opportunity to learn.


Depending on your University Entrance Qualification, you belong to one particular “applicant group”. This decides whether you will have to apply via the online portal PAUL or by submitting hardcopy documents to the International Office.  

Generally, applicants with a German University Entrance Qualification apply online, whereas applicants with EU and Non-EU University Entrance Qualification apply directly to the International Office.

For additional information about the applicant groups, see the hyperlink section of the website.

Applying via PAUL (Online)

For information about online applications (application deadlines, procedures, admissions, or in case you need to change your study programme - which includes the transition from BA to MA), please see the Central University Administration Formalities website.

If you’re applying with a German University Entrance Qualification for either study programme, you will have to create a PAUL account online and submit all your documents via our online portal.

Click on Central University Administration Bewerbungsfristen and you will be directly referred to the deadlines for online applications.

For PAUL application instructions and/or assistance, see the following link.

Applying at the International Office

In case you need to submit your application in paper form to the International Office (EU and Non-EU applicants), your deadlines are the following:

Master English and American (Literary and Cultural) Studies
(applications via Uni-Assist):

  • Winter semester (starting in October)
    o until May 31 (both EU and non-EU applicants)
  • Summer semester (starting in April)
    o until November 30 (both EU and non-EU applicants)

Master “Culture and Society” (Englischsprachige Literatur und Kultur):

  • Winter semester (starting in October for both EU and Non-EU applicants)
    o until May 31
  • Summer semester (starting in April for both EU and Non-EU applicants)
    o until January 15

See formalities for further information about the supporting documents you need to include with the application form. If you have any questions on these procedures, please contact the International Office directly.

The experiences section lists internship and study abroad experiences of current and former Master of Arts students. Find out more about your options here:

Dimitrij Leitenberger’s Semester Abroad at the University of Oklahoma

With a keen interest in American Studies and a strong desire to live the ‘authentic’ American experience, Dimitrij chose to spend his semester abroad at the University of Oklahoma.

On a mission to explore known stereotypes, Dimitrij also used this opportunity to complete the mandatory internship abroad and was asked to work as a tutor for the German department, offering German conversation classes to Oklahoma students.

As a PLA (Peer Learning Assistant), apart from providing conversation practice, he also helped German students at OU with their course assignments and designed study exercises. He was assigned the additional project of designing a brochure for the Language Learning Center which was meant as a student’s guide on ‘how to learn a new language.’ He was given full control over content and design.

The internship has been very helpful for my studies of American culture. I experienced the working environment at an American university and was given the chance to improve my teaching skills. – Dimitrij Leitenberger

Karin Reimer’s Semester Abroad at Illinois State University

“If I were asked to choose three words that would sum up my stay abroad, they would be: adventurous, enriching, and life-changing.”

Karin spent her semester abroad at Illinois State University and certainly doesn’t regret her choice. For her, ISU has been an incredible experience. She made great friends in Normal and learned about US culture through her social contacts and the classes she attended during her stay.

Her experience abroad was enriching on many levels and helped her to become a more independent, confident, and open-minded person. And whether on ISU campus or on her travels to St. Louis, Springfield, or Chicago, which is only two hours north of ISU, she was never left to fend for herself: “Each international student is assigned to a supervisor, who supports you through the semester—no one is left alone and without help.”

Kathrin Kasperlik’s Semester Abroad at Birmingham City University

During her semester at Birmingham City University, Kathrin invested her time both in gaining work experience abroad mentoring ERASMUS students and in expanding her knowledge in literary studies. She had the chance to gain an insight into courses which were previously not provided at the Paderborn University, such as creative writing, which proved to be a new and exciting but equally educational experience.

Studying in a foreign country gave me the opportunity not only to improve my English skills but also to experience a different culture. Birmingham is a colourful and vivid city with lots of cultural and sports events for students.
– Kathrin Kasperlik

The Master of Arts degree in English and American Literature and Culture offers a wide range of future opportunities in and outside of academia. Even though our programmes have a strong focus on academic research and writing, all students are encouraged to seek a professional career in a different sector, especially of course when they cannot imagine working in an academic environment (University/ PhD) after their master’s studies.
While many people still believe that studying the English language, culture and literature automatically leads to becoming an English teacher, our former students have gone on to explore careers in many other working fields. Whether as a project manager, an editor in a publishing house, a copy-writer in advertisement, in journalism, media, translation, administration, or even social media, at the Paderborn University you create your own path and choose your own specialization and we will do our best to guide you along the way.
These and other professional fields can be aimed for with a Master of Arts in English and American Studies:

  • Adult Education
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources
  • Public Relations
  • Tourism
  • Publishing
  • Academic Research and Education

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Study Pro­grammes

You can choose between two different programmes:

English and American (Literary and Cultural) Studies

  • Single-subject master in English and American literature and culture
  • Requirements: BA in English and American Literary and Cultural Studies or similar (minimum result 2.3 according to the German grading system)/ English language proficiency
  • German language not required but highly recommended

Englischsprachige Literatur und Kultur

  • Dual-subject master/ second subject is equally studied at the Paderborn University
  • Requirements: BA in English and American Literary and Cultural Studies or similar/ proof of English language proficiency/ proof of German language proficiency

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