Tutorial Module | Textrograph*innen Programm

In collaboration with Kompetenzzentrum Schreiben and the “Textograph*innen-Programm,” we now officially offer our M.A. English and American (Literary and Cultural) Studies and Englischsprachige Literatur und Kultur students to complete their tutorial module by successfully participating in the “Textograph*innen” programme offered at UPB. The programme focuses on text skills and peer-feedback and is a great opportunity for our students to practice their mentoring skills. You will go through a schooling period in which the mentioned skills are taught and discussed. Afterwards, you will team up with one of your language teachers at the English department or with another member of the department teaching a writing-focused seminar on the BA level and get the chance to further practice and demonstrate your skills in a classroom environment. The workshop is only available in German; however, the practical part and your report have to be in English.

Visit the Textograph*innen website for more detailed information on the programme.

For support, contact Dr. Andrea Karsten (Kompetenzzentrum Schreiben), Prof. Dr. Merle Tönnies (English and American Studies), or Dr. Andrea Krause (practical language experience).