Welcome to the pages of the Graduate Centre of the Faculty of Cultural Studies!

The Graduate Centre of the Faculty of Cultural Studies (GKW), founded in 2021, is an academic institution of the Faculty of Cultural Studies. Its services are aimed at those interested in doing a doctorate, doctoral candidates, postdocs and junior professors.

The tasks of the GKW are regulated in the Articles of Association (only available in German).

Members of the GKW are all doctoral students, post-doctoral students, junior professors and university lecturers as well as all academic staff of the Faculty of Cultural Studies.

The GKW is led by a board and supervised by a management.

The current flyer of the Graduate Centre KW can be downloaded here as a PDF.

News from the Graduate Centre KW

The next GKW events

05.12.2023, 13:00-14:00:
Graduate Assembly of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

11.12.2023, 14:00-17:30:
KW writes better together

13.12.2023, 16:00-17:30:
Information and discussion event on the WissZeitVG

Newsletter of the GKW

Our subscription newsletter informs you about news from the field of the Graduate Centre (events, deadlines, project calls, etc.).

Email distribution list

You will receive all relevant information for your status group once a week via the respective status group mailing lists for doctoral candidates, postdocs and junior professors. You are welcome to send admission requests to our e-mail address.

Contact possibilities & events of the GKW

Board of Directors

The Graduate Centre KW is run by a board of directors. On this page you will find the current members of the board.

Board of the GKW

Clearing House

A clearing office has been set up at the Graduate Centre KW, whose members are elected by the Faculty Council. They advise the members and support them in finding solutions to problems that arise in connection with the academic further qualification of the graduate students and the cooperation with university teachers.

Clearing House of the GKW


The team of the Graduate Centre supports the implementation of all offers of the Graduate Centre KW.

GKW team

Regular events of the Graduate Centre

Information on the events of the Graduate Centre can be found here. We have also listed these in our calendar of events.

Events of the GKW

General meetings

The GKW statutes stipulate that a general meeting must be held at least once a year. Who is a member of the GKW and which meeting dates have already been set can be found on the members' meetings page.

General meetings

Networks of the GKW

The Graduate Centre KW already cooperates with some institutions at Paderborn University and initiates joint offers/events for graduates, for example. You can find our network partners on this page.

Networks of the GKW

Interdisciplinary Studies of the Paderborn Graduate Centre for Cultural Studies

Edited by Sabiene Autsch, Andrea Becher and Volker Peckhaus.

The new series "Interdisciplinary Studies of the Paderborn Graduate Centre for Cultural Studies" takes into account research that has been produced in the context of the Graduate Centre of the Faculty of Cultural Studies at Paderborn University (GKW). The volumes consistently specify the epistemic potential of interdisciplinary work derived from the research findings. Interdisciplinarity is not merely understood as the compilation of research findings from different disciplinary perspectives. Rather, it relates these perspectives and thus broadens horizons. The series claims to stand at the intersection of academic research and reflection on one's own academic practice by focusing on the particularities of one's own disciplinary perspective and knowledge culture. The aim of the series is to provide a thematically open platform for different approaches within interdisciplinary cultural studies.

Requests for publication should be addressed to the editors.

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