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Fakultät für Kulturwissenschaften - Studium


Please check with the coordinator of your home university if you need a Learning Agreement.
If the future course catalogue is not yet available you can refer to the course catalogue from previous semesters and add those to your Learning Agreement (Part A “Before the Mobility”). At the time of your arrival, the Learning Agreement that you may need to have filled out and signed (Learning Agreemnt Part A “Before the Mobility”) normally is just temporary and can be changed or extended during your mobility.
Please contact our Faculty Coordinator  if you have questions concerning your Learning Agreement or to get your Learning Agreement signed and stamped.
In order the be able to acquire the signature you will have to sign the Agreement yourself and have the responsible person at your home university sign it as well. After both signatures are present on your agreement our Faculty Coordinator can sign it as well.

Faculty Coordinator

Anke Riebau

Fakultät für Kulturwissenschaften > Dekanatsmitarbeiter/in Kulturwissenschaften

Internationalization / Faculty Coordinator Incoming & Outgoing Students

Anke Riebau
+49 5251 60-4013

Office hours:

All office hours are being held online via BigBlueButton (appointment needed) or simply contact me via email and I'll be happy to help you.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions reg.:
Learning Agreements
Study-related and academic questions & problems
Course registration
Exam... more

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